Monday, September 15, 2014

My Entire Life Has Been A Lie / OM - Bedouin's Vigil

Until about 10 minutes ago, I thought I had listened to every single piece of music committed to tape by OM when Chris Hakius was drumming. Then I realized I had never actually listened to the Six Organs Of Admittance split.

Finding a new OM song is good enough to warrant one more post.

Unfortunately, in the process of finding this song, I also lost all grounding in my life and realized that everything I knew was a lie. Apparently, it's spelled HAKIUS and not HAIKUS. How the fuck did I, and much of the internet, get that wrong for so long? I even interviewed the guy for like an hour and still fucked it up.

Chris, if you're out there, I apologize for my unnknowledge.

What else in this world is a lie?

Electric Wizard @ All Tomorrow's Parties

In the vein of finally finishing the Chris Hakius interview, I'm finally going to finish this goddamn review of Electric Wizard. In the world of doom metal, Electric Wizard needs no introduction. If you read this blog you know them already. Seriously, their self-given title of "heaviest band in the universe" probably isn't a lie (unless there's some super gnarly heshers hanging out on fucking Pluto or something). While I wasn't lucky enough to get to properly interview the dudes, I did get to spend a little bit of time shooting the shit with Justin, Justin, Liz, and Taz. While they are all super chill people, they really come into their own on stage.

Looking over the schedule for ATP I saw that EW was going to be on the first night (my second night in the country) and I felt like a kid on Christmas eve. They haven't played a US gig in a crazy long time and since then they've put out a fuck ton of great albums, so I was stoked on having some war stories to bring back to the states. War stories would definitely be an apt term to describe the experience of seeing the Wizard in person.