Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

How a live cover should be done...

Don't fuck with scandis.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do The Right Thing

My friend in DC works for their currently homeless 826 writers center. If you don't know about the 826 program/center/tutoring program thingy, check out the 826 website. Anyways, they're doing a fundraiser to try to get cash together for a much needed physical space. Help em out wontcha?

826DC Donation Page

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Move to Portugal

Motherfucking Portugal fucking wins. Everybody high five the next Portuguese dude you meet.

Harvey Milk - Harvey Milk

This review is identical to the one I did for the Mishka Bloglin. I reposted it here because this album is so fucking good it deserves to be posted twice.

I've only seen Harvey Milk live in concert once. It was during All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead, England in May of 2009. They sucked. Granted this was back to back to back to back with Sleep, Electric Wizard, the Jesus Lizard, and Devo and shit so the caliber of rockin' was pretty fucking high. But Harvey Milk totally let me down that one gig. I'd been listening to a lot of "My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be" at the time and that album was blowing my fucking mind, but for that one hour or so they were on stage all I could think was "What the fuck? Who put this Skynrd 45 on 33? Bogus."

This album, has not a fucking thing in common with that live performance. Apparently, this album was meant to be their debut, recorded in '94 and pieced together from old bootleg copies, this shit will blow your weak fucking mind out of your gaping, newly bored out eardrums. If you're familiar with HM's catalogue, think "My Love" 'cept way more sludgy rock. Frankly it's just evil, menacing, grinding, plodding shit that you can't help but nod along to. Creston Spiers sounds like he's either being strangled or strangling someone the entire album. I heard someone describe them as "Swans covering the Melvins... or maybe the Melvins covering Swans...?" once. That is way fucking accurate in this case. The songs are long, evil, and constantly shifting. Production is significantly thinner than their later albums, you know, prolly cause it was pieced together from cassette tapes and shit. For some reason, where most thin production on doom stuff comes across as shitty and unbefitting of the music, it really adds a great punkish vibe to a pretty metal album.

This shit is definitely on my repeat listening list for many moons to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Only Acceptable TV Watching

West Memphis 3 Special on 48hrs this upcoming Saturday. Features Johnny Depp speaking on behalf of 3 totally innocent men on death row.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Video Dump Day!

Ok so it seems like Vimeo's desktop uploader thing is working pretty damn well. I'm dumping a shit load of stuff right now so there should be a buncha new content today. In the mean time, I'm working on getting some other tasty tidbits going.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fucking Flickr

For some reason flickr has been crashing my computer super hard over the last few days so I'm having trouble posting shit from Unsane last weekend. Sorry about the delay y'all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Submit to Satan With Metal Thom

The SUBMIT TO SATAN PLAYLIST. Listen to this shit whilst reading this interview.

As you may have heard through the grapevine, my friend Thom Smith, (artist, former drummer of Haunted Castle, metal race organizer, possible felon) recently moved from NYC to Tokyo. He just put out an awesome fucking zine and mixtape called "Submit to Satan" featuring a ton of metal inspired art from a bunch of great artists. I took a few minutes to ask him some questions yesterday. All work has been posted with Thom's permission. This interview, as many of mine are, was conducted over instant message.

No Gods, No Vegetables: So how's Japan?

Thom Smith: Good. I've been trying to do more artwork and less sleeping.

NGNV: Sounds sick. What kinda shit?

TS: Things have gotten waaay easier since i got a bike.

NGNV: Some zany keirin number I presume?

TS: A new block print. the rest are up on fb [facebook]. This one's probably the darkest theme-wise so far.

NGNV: Sounds brutal. Are they up anywhere else where people can see them without having to join some FBI backed international spy site?

TS: A few are on my website.

NGNV: So you're mostly doing block prints now? is that what you've always done?

TS: i'm working on updating that shit. The more recent ones aren't there yet. Actually the newest is in the zine! duh!

NGNV: And I thought drummers were good for nothing layabouts... Tell me more about this "zine"

TS: I guess i got into the current series a couple of years ago.

NGNV: You sent me some pictures a few days ago, they're pretty stark, gnarly shit. Just lots of black and white.

TS: Well some of the work was color but it all translated pretty well to b/w. I wanted to basically take everyone i could think of who I knew was into metal and did art and put it together. That turned out to be a little harder than i thought. As you said, metalheads are lousy layabouts. wait no that was drummers...

NGNV: Ha, I think it applies to both... I mean, have you seen my website? Anyways, how long did it take you to put this issue together?

TS: I asked some friends if they knew other people so a couple people are friends of friends.

NGNV: And how long have you been doing this zine period?

TS: Waaaay too long. this is the first time i ever have attempted a zine and getting a bunch of artists together is like wrangling kittens. Especially if you try to take a lax approach like I did. But live and learn.

NGNV: Sounds like my day job... bummer. But this project didn't come out of thin air though right? It wasn't like one day, "Fuck the world, I'ma make a zine?"

TS: No. i'd been doing Metal Race for 2 years and then the time for Metal Race 3 came around and I was like, why don't i do something a little more productive?

NGNV: Ha, bullshit. As a former [Metal Race} champ, I can officially say that nothing is more productive than Metal Race.

TS: I mean alleycats are fun n all, but I thought about combining metal with art instead. I'm not dismissing the race at all. In fact I still want to continue doing it.

NGNV: Alright fair nuff... As long as there's more mayhem planned for the future.

TS: But I wanted to help my artist friends out a little and maybe form a few alliances. Dont worry, the novelty of getting people to pay to cut themselves hasn't worn out

NGNV: Hahahaha! Tell me about it. Dick... [editors note: ask me about the scar on my left arm... If you buy me a beer I might tell ya about it.] So tell me about the artists then? How'd you find them?

TS: Well I knew over half of them, but i needed more. I asked those people if they knew anybody. The most helpful person was Natalie from stairwell gallery in providence. Wait im finding a link...

NGNV: How so? just in getting other people to contribute?

TS: I had done a show at the gallery a couple years ago that was metal themed called "Dark Age." I don't know Natalie too well, but judging by her picks for the [playlist] she is a hesher thru and thru and knows the Providence metal scene.

NGNV: Badass. So what are some of your favorite entries and why?

TS: I'd have to say Pippi Zornoza's drawing is my favorite [Page 14]

NGNV: Which one is that?

TS: It's called hex, and it really looks like she means it. it's very geometric and meticulous looking. Like i can imagine her listening to some dark shit while she did it thinking about someone she hates.

NGNV: Hahaha, evil man.

TS: Then opposite her is Matt Jones's and I think they really work together. I also really like tetsunori's drawing [Page 3). I've been hanging out with him a bunch here in Japan. He showed me his new zine where it had this weird twisted story. It was about these prisoners who were getting the ultimate punishment, which was getting a pod put on your head. After a while the pod opens and the head is mutated into some weird shit.

NGNV: Oh... I thought you were going to say being forced to listen to Hall and Oates records or something.

TS: He explained the whole story to me but it gets really complicated and the drawings are all of weird mutant shit. but i'd have to say having one of those pods on your head is worse than any punishment I can think of.

NGNV: You've obviously never been forced to spend a winter in Maine with prep school grads.

TS: That's a close second, but at least you get your head back... sort of...

NGNV: Yeah... I'm still waiting for mine...

TS: Time to pour me another whiskey! it's the drinking hour in my time.

NGNV: Ha, what time is it over there anyways? like 2?

TS: It's Past 1 here.

NGNV: Ha shit. Evil never sleeps. Suntory Time motherfuckers!

TS: You guessed it! liquor is cheaper than beer here if you can believe it!

NGNV: So how'd you make this playlist?

TS: I told each artist to pick their favorite metal jams or stuff that they'd been listening to recently.

NGNV: How many tracks for each?

TS: 5 tracks each. So I just put them in the order that each person gave them to me and then sequenced them with the best transitions I could get. The [zine] artists run the full range of metal, from dabbling to probably cutting themselves so the tracklist is all over the place. I wanted whoever picked up the zine to get turned onto new (visual) artists and some new music.
there's a bunch of shit in there that I had never heard of. Each track has the name of the person who chose it if you click on the info page.

NGNV: Yeah there's mad weird japanese 70's psyche and like disturbing bleak ass norse black metal and just about everything in between. Who put on sweating bullets? That shit is the best!

TS: That was Matt Jones. Mark Gibson who is his friend coincidentally tried to pick the same song! Probably the best thing i got turned onto is Master's Hammer. That shit is weird, but euro weird so it's okay.

NGNV: Yeah that song was pretty fucking funny. And the fucking Tight Bros... Man, throwback right there

TS: But the best has to be the troll metal song

NGNV: Troll metal? What the fuck are you talking about. Now you're just making shit up!

TS: Urskog! Dude listen to it! You hear the genre name and then it all makes sense. It's the most sub of sub genres. Kalle Runeson picked that one

NGNV: So it is true that black metalers are the biggest dorks of all metallers. Even italian power metal bows to the loserdom of the troll metal.

TS: The guy who did the Disclose "Fuck the Police" drawing...

NGNV: Best damn thing in the whole mag...

TS: He told me his picks were "young swedes."

NGNV: Sounds... perverse...

TS: I think maybe more specifically "folk black metallers" are the dorkiest. I think he meant up-and-coming swedish shit.

NGNV: Who would win in a larp fight? Rhapsody fans or Urskog fans?

TS: Urskog for sure!

NGNV: Well, Rhapsody fans would totally win in like bocce ball or some shit then. Alright this shit is too fucking long already, say something mean about someone.

TS: Rhapsody fans just wear animal pelt skirts, urskog fans probably all own maces!

NGNV: If their mom's will let them...

TS: They don't tell thier moms and they make their weapons themselves. Lemme see, I just want everyone to know that I hate the fuck out of The Sword and all those bands that use Mucha-inspired cover art [ed. note: John Baizley's stuff], but I put it on the comp cause Mark is a stand up guy.

NGNV: Alright fair enough, so any last thoughts?

TS: I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out on this magazine. Hit me up if you want a copy. also hit me up if you're reading this and you want to submit art for the next one. Whenever that is...

NGNV: What's the best way to get a copy or get in touch with you?

TS: Email- $6 a copy. Sorry dudes, I'm in Tokyo and have to cover shipping.

NGNV: And on that profit motivated corporate whoring note, much love from the states. Keep killing it in Tokyo hombre.

TS: Non profit by the way. i'd be lucky if i broke even.

NGNV: I'll break you

TS: Thanks dude. I'm holding it down here with Godzilla

NGNV: Adios man.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Murder City Devils Tonight, Unsane Last Night

Expect a fuckton of updates ya bastards. Unsane/Made Out Of Babies/Dark Vibe/United Nations last night was fucking epic.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Mishka blog review

Just posted this review of Heathen's new album:

Heathen Review

Gauze - Fuckheads LP

I've been in a Japanese/Swedish hardcore mood recently thanks to finding my old hoodie with the Gauze backpatch on it and MLP sending me a Headcleaners EP this morning. Goddamn this shit is basically perfect, noisy, fast as fuck hardcore. How in the hell these guys are still going strong is beyond me. Since 1981 man! Fucking madness.

Fuckheads is their 1st LP and came out in '84. Many have imitated it, none will ever be the same. Basically, the guitar and bass sound comparable to a concrete saw, the drums sound like the were recorded with a tincan mic, and the vocals are thankfully (or not depending on your taste) missing that somewhat cartoony japanese hardcore overthetopness.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes Things Get Out Of Hand

As a huge fan of vinyl, doom, and well made shit, my tolerance for paying a lot of money for an album is fairly high. I encourage people to not only support bands by buying their records (well, you know when you're not stealing them from here) but also to buy the best quality vinyl they can get their hands on. 120g audiophile vinyl is the best way I've found to listen to shit. It sounds fucking awesome.

That being said, Floor is releasing a box set of all their shit. For $250...

Anyone else feel like this might be a little overkill? Would you buy this for $250?

Floor - Below and Beyond Box Set

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hellshock - They Wait For You Still

I meant to post this album sometime last year. Yeah well, so much the hell for that. Anyways, here's the latest from Portland stalwarts Hellshock. I feel like every time they put something out it gets progressively bleaker, blacker, and gnarlier. I'm not sure the world can get quite fucked up enough for these guys but goddamn is it good shit. It's funny though, even amidst all the crustiness there are some hints of classic Metallica in there. I'd have to say though, that even though this album seems a little heavier on first listen, I'm not sure if it holds it's own against "Only the Dead." Can't really go wrong with either though.

Perfect jams for the east coast snowpocalypse.


Question of the Day

Why in the hell do they call it "taking a dump" when you're not really taking it anywhere? Why in the hell don't they call it "leaving a dump" instead? That'd make a lot more sense damnit.

This post brought to you by Psyllium husk, espresso, and hangovers.

Just Seems to Fit

I need some more fucking Fu Manchu in my life.

A Few Minutes With Samantha Marble: Photographer


In this line of (not really) work you get to meet a lot of kick ass people. Mostly just by being at the same fucking shows all the goddamn time. In the tiny world of Brooklyn metal and punk there are only so many people, even fewer people who are taking pictures, and way, way fewer girls. So when you meet a girl, who comes to pretty much every show, is taking pictures, and more than that is charging the fucking front row it tends to grab your attention. This was how I met Samantha Marble. Sam was kind enough to spare a few minutes of her time to shoot the shit about her photos, music, and whatever other inane crap came to mind. You can find a bunch more of her work on her website.

No Gods, No Vegetables: So, let's start with the boring shit. How long you been shooting?

Samatha Marble: I've been shooting since I was 16. That's 14 years

NGNV: Aha cool. And what made you want to start taking photos?

SM: Well, actually I started taking photos at 14 of local bands and skateboarders in Philly when I had a zine. I didn't really get into it until I was 16 because my photo teacher thought I was good. He let me take his camera to go shoot Snapcase and that was the first real thing I shot.

NGNV: Ha, no way, fucking snapcase? Tell me you brought the camera back in one fucking piece.

SM: Hahaha, yes.

NGNV: Lucky man, woulda sucked to fail photo cause of fucking Snapcase... So why metal? Do you have no sense of smell or something? I don't really have one. It comes in handy a lot. Especially when living with myself.

SM: Sometimes I wish I didn't. The Magrudergrind show smelled like a gigantic fart by the end of it. The whole metal thing came to me kind of by accident. I went to go see Rorschach at the Charleston and was going to shoot a project w someone else after the show. I took a couple of photos at the show. I sent them to the metal editor at Brooklyn Vegan because I wasn't sure if they covered it and it was such an important show to me personally. Anyway, they wrote back and asked me if I wanted to do this more often. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to shoot the bands that inspire my life.

NGNV: Ha, damn man. Right in to your lap. You know, 'cept for the you sending shit part... When you say inspire your life, should that concern us considering that you listen to bands that scream about death and gore and disembowelment and shit?

SM: Ha, no. If anything just know I'm a serious fucking person. I was never the girl in the back of the room holding a boyfriend's coat. If anything, it's been the other way around. But metal isn't the only thing I listen to.

NGNV: Badass. That's refreshing to hear. So, if not just metal than what? Neil fucking Diamond? Tell me it's Neil Diamond.

SM: Hahaha, I can't say that it is but I do have a block print of him hanging on my refrigerator. I listen to a lot of 60's garage, soul, hiphop and 60's and 70's classic rock....I seriously though could go on and on....

NGNV: Shit, I just got showed up man! Can I have your fridge picture?

SM: These days it's been a lot of Eyehategod, Earthless, Wetnurse, Gospel and Ink & Dagger is a constant.

NGNV: Sounds like a pretty solid lineup and roughly inline with the Sacred Doctrine of NGNV listening...

SM: Excellent. I was nervous.

NGNV: You should still be. If you could beat the shit out of any one band, who would it be?

SM: I love this question. The Acacia Strain hands down. It's bands like that that made me wanna stop going to hardcore shows.
I hate meatheads

NGNV: Christ, that's an awful band name. Did they seriously agree to that moniker? Fucking BOCES.

SM: They're terrible

NGNV: Bummer. So who's the best in the biz then? Band, photographer, axe murderer? Whatever?

SM: Whoa, this is hard. Gimme a minute.

NGNV: Pause... I mean yeah, go ahead, take a minute

SM: There are so many bands that I'm stoked on right now that it's hard to say. I can say one thing though Psychic Limb is gonna come up like wildfire this year. That will be my favorite band in the biz very soon. As far as photographers go Justina V and Paul Birman take great live shots. I really dig them.

NGNV: Yeah the Limb is pretty fucking legit. Shamus tears it up in Ramps too.

SM: Shamus is the man. Brian Montuori is like my twin brother that I never had.

NGNV: Back in a minute. I need a fucking coffee break.

SM: right on. I'll be here. Actually, I'll go do the same!

***This is the part where I went and got coffee***

NGNV: OK coffee break's over. So what's lamer? Wizards worshipping doom metal or Brooklyn black metal?

SM: Wizard worshiping doom metal.

NGNV: Damn, so much for my new band... So then what's your favorite black metal band out of Brooklyn then?

SM: I have noooo idea. Liturgy I guess... They're the only one that I know out of here.

NGNV: My friend said that he'd rather fuck a toaster than see Liturgy a 2nd time. How do you feel about that?

SM: To be completely honest I'm talking out of my ass because I've never heard them. I might feel the same as your friend.

NGNV: Ha, fucking busted on air!

SM: *laughter*

NGNV: what's your favorite meat restaurant in NYC?

SM: Lil Frankies! I had a pizza sandwich with proccutio on it on Friday. If you would have reached even close to my plate I would have bit your hand off.

NGNV: Fuck yeah. I've been there before. Don't fuck with a pun'x pizza.

NGNV: And watering hole?

SM: Favorite watering hole would be The Woods in Brooklyn.

NGNV: The new joint?

SM: Yeah

NGNV: Why's that?

SM: Or Arrows bar actually in the city. I just went there for happy hour on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Rich Hall DJ'ed and killed it as usual. Saturday nights at the woods they do a metal set and my friends and I act like assholes on the dance floor.
Like we clear people out.

NGNV: Sounds pretty fucking epic, call me next time damnit!

SM: When I say Saturdays it happens like once a month. I'm pretty much a hermit.

NGNV: Who'd win in a fight, Samuel L Jackson or Nicholas Cage circa that fucked up vampire movie?

SM: Samuel L Jackson hands down. He would make Nicholas his bitch. I'm really tired of that dude.

NGNV: Dude, ease the fuck back. What about that one part in that vampire movie where he just starts yelling the alphabet for no real reason at that chick? That shit was zany!

SM: Sorry too much coffee today. I don't know what movie you speak of.

NGNV: Ha, yeah... never mind, I'm in the same boat apparently... Well, i ran out of shit to say after the 2nd question. You ask me something now.

SM: Ok, what new projects have you been working on lately?

NGNV: Jack fucking squat mostly. I spend a shit ton of time making coffee, sitting in a frozen ocean, farting, or drinking beers watching gerry lopez movies from the 70's mostly.

SM: Not true, your band is playing tomorrow night, right?

NGNV: Oh yeah, we're doing that, that ain't new though. That's just fucking rad. Rats in the Walls is playing the Charleston tonight at 9 with Concussions and some other people.

SM: What do you think about Steely Dan?

NGNV: I'd fucking stab them if I had the chance. Fuck that shit.

SM: Good answer!

NGNV: And the Doobie Brothers and Journey and all of that limp dick AOR crap. It's not cool now. It never was. It never will be. Eat a dick yacht rockers

SM: Thank fucking god.

NGNV: and on that note Final words?

SM Ok so Jay Leno, Oprah and David Letterman. You had to fuck one, kill one and marry one....go

NGNV: I'd fuck Letterman just to watch him squirt jizz out of the gap in his teeth, I'd kill Leno just because fuck it, why not. I'd marry Oprah cause fuck yeah, I wanna hit that shit all the time for the rest of my life. Also, she could probably front the cash for more records

SM: Hahahaa! Excellent Smithers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm throwing in the Towel

Well, the day has come where I think I have to end it all. Call the game off.

I just liked something involving Ashton Kutcher.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Made by Monks, Drunk by Punxxx...?

Goddamn nazi motherfucker politician shiteaters! Leave Bucky alone ya scum!

Douchebags at war with booze

Friday, February 5, 2010


Only to be replaced with a new and mighty "GOOD SHIT" column instead!

These were the last "tracks of the week". TOTW rest in peace my old friend. You served us well.

Tafkata - Ten Foot
Gama Bomb - We Respect You
Cro-Mags - Signs of the Times
Wehrmacht - Suck My Dick
Sleep - Holy Mountain
Hellshock - Dead Lights
G.I.S.M. - Punks Is Hippies/Anthem
Excoriate - From Morbid Ruins
Black Breath - Beneath the Crust
Aus-Rotten - Tuesday May 18, 1993

Crazy Motherfuckers

Came across this really well made video of 3 Irish surfers seeking out some crazy motherfucking waves in some inhospitable places. Super well done. Great surfing.

Powers of Three..... from on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back in the Day...

MLP who I do Endless Blockades with just sent me a link to this unreal Flickr set. Check this shit out:


Amazing Pictures

My Foray Into The World Of Cool Kids

Ok so just to prove that I haven't been a total waste of fucking space over the last month, I'm posting the reviews I've been doing for the Mishka Bloglin. It's basically the same shit I do here but for albums and shit that Mike and that crew ask me to check out. Here's what I've done so far with 3 more in the works.

In Memoriam - Monolith
Overkill - Iron Bound
Mnemic - Sons of the System
Alkoholizer - Drunk or Dead
Aggression - Moshpirit
Gama Bomb - Tales From The Grave In Space

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua E.P. + The American Way

During my break from NGNV I did something I've never done before, hope to do many times in the future, and recommend that everyone do at some point in their lives. A few weeks ago a crew of 7 and I headed down to the pacific coast of Nicaragua to surf for a week. We stayed in a town called San Juan del Sur and surfed/hung all over the SDJS area. I've never been to Central America or even a Spanish speaking country before in my entire life so it was a welcome change to get the fuck outta Dodge and into the good shit. For those of you who don't know, Nica is one of the poorest countries in Central America and has been involved in a slow burning civil war for a while now (don't know dates, bust out wikipedia if you're that concerned) so it tends to be a little off the beaten path for most travelers. We landed in Managua and got the fuck outta there as fast as we could in order to spend the rest of the week in one of the chillest, most gorgeous, gnarliest places I've ever set foot. Long story short, the waves were solid but small, we didn't get shot up by bandidos, it's mad poor down there, San Juan del Sur is full of gringos and tourists, and Nica has some of the most awesome country I've ever seen.

Now you're probably saying to yourself, "Nice story dipshit, get to the fucking part where I give a shit." My answer, "Fuck you, I'll do as I damn well please and if you don't like it you can choke." Moving right along, before I went on the trip, a friend of mine sent me an EP that is now in my official "crucial" file. Thanks to surfing, Sacred Reich is now a staple of my shred jams diet and should be for you.

Not getting in to too much detail, Sacred Reich was definitely one of the underrated gems of the 80's thrash movement. Fast as shit, kinda sloppy at times, political, aggro shit. "Surf Nicaragua" was released a little after their 1st album and "The American Way" is considered by many to be their finest hour. I can definitely say that fucking neo-thrasher owe these sick fucks a great debt. Now if only they could keep it real like SR did.

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua E.P.
Sacred Reich - The American Way

Isn't it funny...?

Dear friends,
It's been a pretty nutty couple of months for me here and I've been an extremely neglectful person. For that, I fully and deeply apologize. I was out of town on and off for pretty much the entire month of January for business and surfing/snowboarding and for that I'm not apologetic. Sometimes you just gotta peace on it.

Anyways, I haven't really been listening to much new music or going to a lot of shows. I've kinda taken some time away from it all since the break up of my band Haunted Castle. It was a damn good year and a damn fine run with some great dudes. It ended because our drummer took off for Japan to be with his special lady full time after doing the distance thing for some time and we all wish him the best. There's no way in hell we could replace him and keep the same vibe going so we thought it better to call it quits.

Somehow, I let that break from playing turn into a break from writing for a little bit and that's kinda lame. But, due to the kind and ever watchful eye of John Prolly I've been writing metal reviews for the Mishka Bloglin. Honestly, I'm really liking it (although I'm occasionally a little slow with my reviews... common theme eh?) because it takes me out of my natural element and gives me assignments. It basically forces me to listen to shit I normally wouldn't. Unfortunately, this usually means fucking garbage (see the reviews from last week...) but it's still cool shit. Mishka, for all those not in the know, makes clothing for the cool kids. Some great shit, a lot of other shit that isn't really my style, but more than that, the dudes have possibly the widest range of interests out of any company I've dealt with.

No, I'm not being paid shit to say any of this. Yes, I'm writing this voluntarily. No, I don't get paid for writing for them (I get a discount on clothes and shit which I am yet to use and probably won't see much use any way). Yes, I respect their hustle. A ton of my respect comes from Mishka's involvement with the dudes from Chronic Youth who consistently throw down great fucking shows and bar nights all over Brooklyn. Keep it up fellas, we dig it.

Long and short of shit is, I've been stupid fucking busy lately and honestly haven't felt like listening to anything but Weedeater, the Clash, Tragedy, and Church of Misery lately. Thus, I've had shit to write about. Excuses aside, it's time to get back on my shit. I recently started a doom band with Chris from Nomos and Jacques from Arches and shit has me stoked on life. It's an awesome feeling to be amped for practice every week again and it has me wanting to get back into it all again.

NOW MY PLEA TO YOU: Motivate me. Write some comments, send me some emails, let me know what you want to see reviewed, who you want to see interviewed, what shows you want footage of. Send me concert info, recs for new music, movies, beers, restaurants, places to chill, bars, concert venues, skaters, surfers, artists, homeless dudes with killer signs, WHATEVER THE FUCK IS ON YOUR MIND. I WANNA KNOW ABOUT SHIT. Hell, send me your fucking album, I'll prolly rip that shit a new asshole but at least some dickhead will be writing about it.

I promise to try to get back on the fucking game of actually posting shit, going to shows, taking more pics, doing more interviews, etc. Well, at least I'll make some sorta effort...

Anyways, happy new year y'all. Hope this one has been off to a decent start and only gets better.