Monday, August 31, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

So, uh, this is neither metal or punk, but it is all my hippy ass has been listening to for a few days now. Super sick old school reggae Big Youth 45's mix

Big Youth 45's Mix

Welcome to 470 Flushing

This Ain't No Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

My roomate sent me this today. That's the lot next to mine. Heavy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarke - Vorunah

So I've been holding off on posting this one because it's already been reviewed on the Mishka Bloglin but fuck it. This shit is good enough to deserve another posting. Now, I'm gonna be honest for a minute. The first time I listened to this, I had a little trouble getting past some of it. Then it wouldn't leave my head for weeks. Shit is infectious.

Short description: Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto - some of the atmosphere + way more punk steez + keeping it pretty fucking black = Sarke. Seriously it's like someone took some of the reverb off the washed out parts of FOAD/BFDTs and replaced them with crustier guitars. If you can get past the occasional goofy synth parts, this album is a fuckin killer.

Hit it.


Corrupted/Noothgrush 12" Split (1997)

If I was the kind of person who engaged in torture for profit (you know, rather than fun) I would always be sure to have 2 copies of this album around. I'm almost 100% sure that if you play this album at just the right volume you can actually watch somebody's liqufied gray matter ooze from their ears, nose, and tear ducts like some sort of early Peter Jackson movie.

For those just coming in to contact with these two forces of deviance, Corrupted and Noothgrush are a pretty spot on representation of some of the heaviest fucking sludge the 90's could vomit forth. Both bearing the necessary comparability to a glacier. Grinding/tearing/crushing sounds, tempos measured in eons, destructive nature, etc. Couple that with a unapologetic nihilism (and amusing love for Star Wars in Noothgrush's case) and you've got this album. Punishing, loud, merciless sludge/doom meant to skullfuck you silly. I think the kick-off song title "Hatred For The Species" just about sums up the feeling you're gonna get listening to this.


I've been super digging on the Corrupted tracks. Nothing says fuck globalism like a Japanese band playing music invented in England, perfected in the US, and with lyrics in Spanish.

Oh and PS: The word Noothgrush comes from Dr. Seuss. How fucking metal is that.


Last Tracks of the Week + New TOTW Up

Sorry about the delay on this one. Been a busy few weeks. New ones are up. As always, email me if you want any of them.

If someone wants to show me a good way to make it so that you can just click a link and hear the song I'd love to know how to do that.

* Buzzcocks - You Tear Me Up
* Manowar - King of Kings
* Black Flag - Gimme Gimme Gimme
* Sarke - Primitive Killing
* Saviours - Whatever that new song was that I posted like a week ago
* Naam - Kingdom
* Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise
* DS-13 - We're Hardcore, You're Not
* Cannabis Corpse - I Cum Bud
* Sonic Ritual - Take the Edge Off


FUCK YEAH GUYS! 52 Followers as of a minute ago. Thanks everybody for reading/contributing/following. Mad love for all y'all.

A Game I Could Totally Win

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Fuck dudes, I have the sickness. All I want to do anymore is go to the fucking beach and surf. Not work, not hang out, not pay the IRS $953 from 2 fucking years ago, not anything, just surf. Damnit.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gnarshredding the Blackened Depths... of Rockaway

Man, I am stoked for this weekend.

Shots courtesy of LucASS

Razor - Evil Invaders

I don't know what the fuck's up with me recently but it's seriously like Bayonne NJ 1987 up in my fucking head for the last couple of weeks. I think the hot weather combined with the not sleeping well and the way too busy at work are turning my brain in to a fucking 80's thrash-slurry. Why is this shit so addictive? What in the world makes the palm-muting, screaming, headbangingness so hard to stop listening to? Why on earth have I had Razor on repeat for 2 days?


Friday, August 14, 2009

Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn & Apocalypse Inside

I don't really watch much TV but occasionally sitting around in a bar or on one of those annoying ass fancy motherfucking moving signboards you'll catch a commercial. The most recent one of these I've seen is for this movie where people die a lot really randomly. I think it's called final destination or like final exit or something. In the ad there's 2 dudes walking across the street like all next to each other and shit and all of a sudden one of the dudes just gets plowed by a fucking bus. It's pretty sweet.

Well this album is basically the fucking bus from that ad. Hail all unholy satan this shit is awesome. Seriously, out of left fucking field comes this megaton of thrash from a band that hasn't released shit since like 1992. Coming out of the "friendliest country in the world" with a distinctly unfriendly brand of thrash, Sacrifice is one of those bands that has pretty much stayed under my radar up until a few days ago. Should have paid attention in metal school or some shit. Whatever, now that I know, I can't fucking stop listening to it. I'm not gonna go so far as to say it's better than their first two albums but there's a damn good chance it is. So, for reference I'm throwing in their 1992 classic "Apocalypse Inside" for you to compare and contrast with. Now, know before hand that you're comparing rad with sweet so you know. Enjoy and shit.

In terms of sound I'd put this squarely in the middle of "classic" thrash in terms of the riffs, the vocals, and the drumming. That being said, out of the group of classic thrashers, Sacrifice definitely has one of the more solid grasps on the effective use of the breakdown, the tempo change, and one of the tightest executions out of any band. There's definitely a minimum of slop in both of these albums but smartly they stay away from the line of staying annoyingly precise or scientifically heavy. Fuck that, it's fucking metal and it sounds as such. Shred it.

Thrash is fucking back. And the invasion is from the north motherfuckers.


Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come

After posting basically constantly on Endless Blockades for almost 2 months, one of the constants that I see showing up on metal vests/jackets all the time is the Sabbat patch. Usually adorning the garb of the Euro-hesher, Sabbat was the UK's answer to the fact that America (fuck yeah or some shit) had totally taken over the hesh with thrash after the NWOBHM. Not allowing that to stand, Sabbat wrote some gnarly fucking classic thrash with killer riffs about creepy anti witch-burning rants and songs about the occult rituals of the satan worshipping night cults or some shit (in a very not black metal way, more of like an English watched Witchfinder General one too many times kinda way). Either way, there's a good fucking reason that Sabbat is still a favorite of the old school thrashers. Sadly, because of internal fighting they basically imploded after their 2nd album and went to hell in a fucking handbasket.

Here's their first album. It will slay you. Think like, German thrash played mid 80's style with a shit ton of slayer influence thrown in there. Sweet.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For All the Lonely Ones

Hope she's still single dudes

Reasons why I should be your girl: The punk/alternative edition.
Date: 2009-07-16, 2:48AM EDT

If you opened this post, chances are, you're curious as to what the title alludes to. Just to put this out there, I'm real - not a bot-generated pseudo sexpot trying to stick your computer with some of the e-herpes.
I'm sick of dating insipid, ungrateful assholes. I'm not going to spew a bunch of bullshit like other ads saying that "OMG I NEED A REEEALL MAAN WHO CAN TAKE CARE OF MEEE". Truth is, I'm in college, you're (hopefully) between the ages of 18-23, and probably don't have a 9 to 5 white-collar job with a 401k that pays enough for you to drive your badass porsche. And you know what? That's fine with me.

Anyway. Onto the whole "reasons" portion of my ad. I will give it to you in list form because that seems better than assaulting you with a wall of text.

1. I am smart enough to use big words in appropriate situations.
2. I have a mohawk. A fairly large mohawk, a few piercings, and can sport a pretty unpleasant scowl when necessary. no one's going to fuck with you if they see your girlfriend's some punkass bitch that could probably curbstomp their head in, right?
3. I am a legit bisexual, I've dated girls before. That means I've been on your side of this whole "relationship" thing. I am not going to try and imprison you with my compulsive girly insecurities. I'm not going to make you stop hanging out with your friends or prevent you from going to shows. I won't even tell you to stop guzzling nasty PBR or to put that fatass joint down long enough to have a coherent conversation. And I'm certainly not going to bitch about it to my other lady friends behind your back (unless you fail to share said fatass joint with me.)
4. I am well-read. I am very familiar with most pop-culture references (especially ones that deal with retro shit- my specialty.) so on the off chance that you're sober enough to drop some laugh-inducing reference to a terrible 80's move you saw when watching TNT the other day, I WILL ACTUALLY GET IT.
6. I love movies. I love HORROR movies, and the older/low-budget they are, the better. I think films such as Braindead, Army of Darkness, or Nekromantik are fucking hilarious. That means that you won't have to worry about spending precious money on movie theater dates, because chances are, I already bought/legally obtained that shit. The only exception would fall under Rocky Horror midnight showings.
7. I can sew and paint. That means I can make awesome patches of your favorite crust bands, then sew them onto your totally awesome punk rock jacket for you. I can also do deathrock, anarcho, and most psychobilly logos, too.
8. Remember the bisexual thing? I'm not going to bitch when you remark about how Kat Von D/Bettie Paige/Patricia Day/[insert other pinup model name here] is totally bangin'. In fact, I'll most likely agree with you and then continue painting the Crass symbol onto the back of your favorite black t-shirt.
9. I'm loyal. Do you know how hard it is to come accross a guy like you? Of course you don't. So if you really are the one-in-a-million, smart, funny, attractive, punkass shithead that I'm looking for, I will not be looking elsewhere. I promise!
10. I can cook anything for you, as long as a microwave is involved at some point.
11. Are you computer retarded? No problem. I pretty much rule at computers and can probably fix it for you! How useful is that?!
12. I enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke. Being a smoker isn't a necessity, but if you do smoke, that's pretty damn hot, so I'm not going to bitch at you to quit.
13. I am impressed by the little things. You don't have to buy me shit to make me happy. You don't have to clean up nice and take me out to a semi-fancy restaurant. You can continue to spit on the ground, make sarcastic remarks about how society "conforms to generalizations created by capitalist pigs", and laugh about skull-fucking dead babies. Being yourself is good enough. Just be able to come around and see me every once in a while, k?

Hope that covers everything. If I'm the sort of classy broad that's worth your time, please feel free to message. I have a myspace, your pic gets mine, etc.

For my Anonymous Friend from Yesterday i.e. a D-Beat History Lesson

Ok so yesterday I made a post called The Methusela Jam about the first "proper d-beat" song I could get my hands on ("You Tear Me Up" by the Buzzcocks). Now, of course there's gonna be people who gotta chime in on this with comments like:

"Uh. D-Beat means "Discharge beat" bro."

I understand where you're coming from on this one buddy but allow me to defend myself. First of all the "D-Beat" or Discharge beat/down-beat/disbeat is a really basic drum beat (Lazy man's explanation of D-Beat has a decent blurb about/sample of it) and you can hear it all over Motörhead and NWOBHM jams. What I'm saying though is that Discharge, while totally responsible for changing it from just another drumbeat in to a genre, definitely had some concrete influences.

Here's the Buzzcocks song:

Now compare to Discharge's "Realities of War" which is probably the most iconic "D-beat" song I can think of.

Which can also be heard here in Anti-Cimex's "Victims of a Bomb Raid" in a little faster form which later became more the standard for the genre.

And which you can still totally hear the influence on in modern d-beat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tracks of the Week (In no particular order)

Here's last tracks of the week. This weeks tracks up in no particular order. If you have any way of helping me upload them in listenable format for the site I'd love to know.

* Saint Vitus - White Stallion
* Cave In - Retina Sees Rewind
* Slayer - South of Heaven
* Choking Victim - Infested
* A//Political - Who Will Build the Roads
* Anti Cimex - Doing Time
* Wretched - Verso il tuo Orrizonte
* Spazz - Street Jam To The Second Power
* Hellshock - Ghosts of the Past
* Metalian - Shredded Beef

Firing Squad/Sodomaria pics up.

Scroll down a post or two.

The Methusela Jam

This song always blows my fucking mind. 1978, the Buzzcocks invent D-Beat on their first album. If anyone can find me an older proper "d-beat" song lemme know.

Listen to any fucking European hardcore song recorded after this and tell me I'm wrong. Here's to you Tez.

Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

In honor of the 300th post yesterday here's one I should have started the blog with. What the fuck was I thinking? I know every other blog in history has posted this shit already but what the hell. It's the best.

Listen to it and understand why every black vest or jacket you've ever seen has Discharge written on it in at least one place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sodomaria & Firing Squad @ 258 Johnson, Aug 2009

Firing Squad


My War by Sodomaria & Larsen of Firing Squad @ 258 Johnson, Aug 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

300th Post!

Shit, I'm pretty sure I haven't put this much effort into anything in my entire life for this long and I'm pretty stoked with how this thing is going. Thanks to everyone who's read or contributed in anyway. Mad Love.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Perdition at Rockstar Bar, Aug 3rd 2009

Here's some vids and shots from the Perdition show last night. These guys are possibly the best punk in NYC right now. Hands fucking down.

Perdition @ Rockstar Bar, Aug 3rd 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Perdition at Rockstar Bar, Aug 3rd 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Monday, August 3, 2009