Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apparently New Gorgoroth up on Abattoir666

Hit it. Oh yeah, grab the Fukpig album. Is come with recomendashuns from John Prolly.

The People Have Spoken

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, I forked over the cash to set up a drop box. Now I'm in the long and painful process of transferring everything over. I hope y'all appreciate this effort goddamnit.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Working Out A New Downloader Thingy

Ok so I'm pretty fucking sick of Rapidshare at this point and they just kind of stiffed me on some shit. My friend Jim just passed me a link to this thing called dropbox that I'm going to use. The Weedeater albums I just posted are up using that. Can you all please give me feedback on which you prefer? I think dropbox has no limit to how much you can d/l at one time, how many things you can get in a set period of time, and it has no d/l speed limiter so hopefully it'll be a lot better.

Seriously though. Gimme your feedback people, it's all for y'all.

Weedeater - ... And Justice For Y'all & Sixteen Tons

Fuck it man, can't post GL&GS without putting up the other two. Justice for Y'all is their first full length, 16 tons is their second. The thing about Weedeater is that there are no bad songs. Every song may not be the best hesher weed jam in the world but every song is good. Some (like Monkey Junction and Free) are fucking killers. All are solid as a fat fucking rock (of weed. A weedrock, or perhaps a stone of weed, if you will.)

I haven't really listened to 16 tons as much but everytime it comes on it holds the stoke.


Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed

If you look at my account plays from the last two weeks you'll see a few different things. Some Angel Witch, some Aura Noir, a little Rorschach today to get hyped for tonight and then you'll see like 54 plays of Weedeater. Shit is a dangerous, addictive substance.

Here's their latest off Southern Lord. It's fucking spot on from end to end. Shit, it even made me like a Skynyrd song by accident. Dixie Dave Collins and the crew are just digustingly heavy.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deep Thoughts With Varg Vikernes


Who woulda guessed that Metallica is really a killer St. Vitus worship band?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phases of the SunnO)))

Yesterday I went to see the Eagle Twin/Pelican/Earth/SunnO))) show at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn. I got there pretty late which led to missing Eagle Twin, who by all accounts were pretty rad, and Pelican (meh whatever).

Here's my recap of the show:

Phase 1: Get to show, up since 4am. Excited to see Earth possibly play old stuff through big sound system. Meet friends. Slayer playing as in between bands jams. Feeling: joy

Phase 2: Earth plays all new stuff. No earplugs required. Feeling: hard to tell, drifting in and out of sleep.

Phase 3: Go to bathroom, drink water so as not to fall asleep for longer during Earth. Too relaxing after long day. Feeling: Hippy mellow

Phase 4: Earth Ends set after 3 songs/45minutes, set up for SunnO))) starts. Between band music of "Lhopsang and Tenzin's Greatest Sherpa Chanting Jams Of The Late-Colonial Period" start. Feeling: Anticipation

Phase 5: ~12:05-12:10 Set up stops, lights go down, smoke machines start. "Lhopsang and Tenzin's Greatest Sherpa Chanting Jams Of The Late-Colonial Period" continues, on itunes repeat one song. Sound check can be described as, "Yup, sounds like SunnO))) alright." Also known as "loud." Amp count 1 Massive Earth something or other bass amp I think, 8 vintage Sunn Model T's. Total for the guitar amps: somewhere between 960 and 1200 Watts. Feeling: Still anticipation, wonder at how they're going to fill a space that's at least 5000sqft with 30ft ceilings entirely with fog.

Phase 6: ~12:40 "Lhopsang and Tenzin's Greatest Sherpa Chanting Jams Of The Late-Colonial Period" still playing for the 6th time at least, room now entirely filled with smoke machine fog. Feeling: bored as fuck, sore feet, sleepy.

Phase 7: ~12:45. Monks finally show up, shit gets real loud. Cool. Feeling: Um... vibratey. Zonked.

Phase 8: Emperor Palpatine shows up for guest vocals. Sounds like 45rpm record of Bill and Ted futuristic dudes and Beavis and Butthead being played at 5rpm to mimic "Lhopsang and Tenzin's Greatest Sherpa Chanting Jams Of The Late-Colonial Period". I swear to fucking Satan himself I hear/saw this dude do the "Be excellent to each other" salute. Also, pretty sure I heard the emperor say "I need Teepee," and "Bungholio" real real slow. Feeling: Supreme amusement. Slight confusion.

Phase 9: Trombone player shows up to join Emperor Palpatine Guitars back off. Sounds a bit rusty... Feeling: Officially confused.

Phase 10: Emperor leaves, guitars come back. Still sounds like SunnO))). Feeling: Back to vibratey zonked feeling. Relief.

Phase 11: Kaiju Big Battle man sized spikey mirrored shard covered sea cucumber appears from dense green fog. Feeling: Ok seriously? What the fuck?

Phase 12: Kaiju-Big-Battle-man-sized-spikey-mirrored-shard-covered-sea-cucumber turns into even more ridiculous Hybrid-of-Emperor-Palpatine-Kaiju-Big-Battle-man-sized-spikey-mirrored-shard-covered-bird-demon-with-huge-even-spikier-crown-of-mirror-liberty-spike-horns-with-laser-pointer-in-his-fingers. Returns to singing about bungholes in the style of "Lhopsang and Tenzin's Greatest Sherpa Chanting Jams Of The Late-Colonial Period." Feeling: Unsure... Mind hasn't fully processed this yet

Phase 13: ~ 15 seconds after phase 12, mind processes Kaiju Big Battle man sized spikey mirrored shard covered sea cucumber turns into even more ridiculous hybrid of Hybrid-of-Emperor-Palpatine-Kaiju-Big-Battle-man-sized-spikey-mirrored-shard-covered-bird-demon-with-huge-even-spikier-crown-of-mirror-liberty-spike-horns-with-laser-pointer-in-his-fingers. Feeling: Laughing too hard to even watch as Hybrid-of-Emperor-Palpatine-Kaiju-Big-Battle-man-sized-spikey-mirrored-shard-covered-bird-demon-with-huge-even-spikier-crown-of-mirror-liberty-spike-horns-with-laser-pointer-in-his-fingers shines laser pointer fingers into his spiky mirror crown of thorns

Phase 14: ~1.5hrs and 30 chords since the beginning of the set. Feeling: This is fucking ridiculous, I'm out.

Yup that's a SunnO))) show for ya. Verdict: Not enough drugs in the world.

EDIT: After sending this review to Josh of the Sleepies, we had a conversation that can be summed up as

Josh: "I kinda figured out that I don't really like SunnO))) at all."

Me: "Josh, nobody actually likes SunnO))). We all just pretend to because everyone else is pretending to."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frontmanning, Not Just For Frontmen Anymore!

Whoa. Never seen a drummer try to compete with Ozzy before. Wonder if he got the job...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009




The Accüsed - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead

Sticking with the theme of new albums by formerly amazing bands that are good but not mindblowing, here's the new one from the Accüsed. "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" (seeing a theme here?) features original guitarist Tom Niemeyer and a bunch of other PNW rockers (none original) playing the same brand of crossover thrash you've come to expect, just with better production and a glaring lack of Blaine Cook/Fart on vocals. The riffs are pretty solid, the songs definitely get a nod, and everything is pretty good. It's just not "Return of" or "More Fun" nawh'mean? Anyways, I enjoyed it. Wasn't mindblown but definitely didn't ruin my day.


Tracks of the Week (In no particular order)

New ones up, you know the drill.

Last weeks.
* Crass - End Result
* Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living?
* Black Sabbath - Supernaut
* A//Political - Propaganda By The Deed
* Avskum - State Terrorism
* Hellbastard - Civilised?
* Noothgrush - Hatred For The Species
* Amebix - Nobody's Driving
* Cathedral - Utopian Blaster
* G.I.S.M. - Still Alive

Sweet Jams With The Sram Dunk

Excellent fucking find at Sweet Jams

Monday, September 14, 2009

OM - God Is Good

Although I wouldn't call OM's touring and release schedule "quiet" by any means, this highly anticipated album is really the first major release since Chris Hakius left the band over a year ago. Yeah they had that Gebel Berkel 7" (affectionately known as "that gerbil record" by Prolly) but that shit blew and they hadn't been jamming for nearly long enough to get a decent vibe anywhere on that album. "God Is Good" (NOTICE: QUOTES IT'S A FUCKING ALBUM TITLE DAMNIT. Not really sure what's going on with that shit anyways. Probably just some more fucked up weed hippy stoner metal shit.) is definitely an improvement over gerbil barker or whatever it's called and definitely qualifies as an OM album but still comes in significantly under Pilgrimage.

The first track, "Thebes," starts off with a changed band. Well, possible an even more fucking stoned band. Let me put it this way. Sitar. Yes. There is prevalent sitar action from the first second the needle hits the grooves. Kids, if you're going to smoke weed, put away the fucking Yoko Ono records. Please, do it for me, do it for all of us, but most of all, do it for yourself. All bitterness aside, it actually kinda works to set up the groove that the song takes, especially when a cello comes in at like 3 min in and puts a little darkness into the sound. Al and Emil also chose to put the vox way up in the mix, making them much more of a focus than they have been in the past. Again, not a decision I would have made considering you can basically build any OM song using the words, "Lazarus," "sentient," "pyramid," sibilant, and "minaret." Not even when the drums start kicking in around 6min (in a much more understated, appropriate manner than on Gebel mind you) do the vocals start taking a back seat. Basically, the whole vibe is much more "clear" and "produced" than their last efforts but still holds together with their past vibe.

8:28. The OM turns on, song get's better from here... At least until they start talking about Shadrach, Mishack, and Abednego in the next song.

After that it's kind of uninspired for a bit and then returns to the Thebes vibes at the end but all and all, it's alright for it's purpose. Definitely the weakest of their LP's, but still not bad for the genre (the genre being Tibetan monk chanting inspired, super droney, stoner doom...?)

Check it out just for shits and giggles and lemme know what you think. Basically, it's just not the same without Chris grounding the whole thing I think.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Toxic Holocaust/Atakke/Battletorn/Howl @ Europa. Sept 6th, 2009

Atakke @ Europa. Sept 6th, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

666 by Toxic Holocaust @ Europa. Sept 6th, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.




WEEDEATER/NAAM @ Charleston 9/10/2009

Rest of the Weedeater shots

Rest of the Naam shots

Weedeater attemping "Monkey Junction" acapella @ Europa Sept 10th, 2009. from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

"Monkey Junction" by Weedeater @ The Charleston. Sept 10th, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Good motherfucking goddamn. Last night gave me that "I wonder what would happen if I started doing massive amounts of drugs and then ritually sacrificed my neighbors puppy to Zuul..." feelings all over the body. Weedeater is a massive, disgusting, unstoppable, menacing, snarling, unhinged runaway riff steam engine piloted by a fucking murderous lunatic. Fuck yeah.

Man, oh Manowar.

Just got this from Blake of Rats In The Walls fame. Man, that is unfuckwithable.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Workin' on it!

I swear, if this fucking internet connection runs any damn slower I'm gonna lose my shit. Sorry about the delay today, got plenty to post that's for sure.

- Crank

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tracks of the Week (In no particular order)

Last week's tracks.
* Corrupted - Inactive
* Iron Maiden - Innocent Exile
* Black Flag - Depression
* Big Business - Grounds for Divorce
* Pentagram - When the Screams Come
* Candlemass - Demons Gate
* Possessed - Seven Churches
* Noxious - Feeding the Guillotine
* Sabbat - A Cautionary Tale
* Sarke - Vorunah

This week's up now.