Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuck the World

After reading about the fucking teabagger nazi assholes all day, this makes me feel good. Thanks Allyson.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Seven Sisters of Sleep Will Fucking Destroy You

A couple of days ago I got a comment on an old post about Tafkata - Worker & Parasite from a dude named Eddie. Turns out he's in a new band called Seven Sisters of Sleep with some former members of Tafkata. If you know me (or Bones or just about anyone else who knows Tafkata), you know that as soon as I discovered that band I sunk into a bottomless pit of not listening to anything else but W&P. SSOS is about to do the same fucking thing to me. I can feel it...


Damn this band is good. Not the best song I've ever heard but cool looking video.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Further Examples of the Failure of Modern Man

Ok, civilization is pretty much in fucking decline. The bad guys won, the good guys have no fucking spine, the world is shit, and NYC is now officially 215% fucking lamer than it was before I read this. Who would have guessed Iggy Pop needed a "you break, you buy" clause?

Throw in the fucking towel. It's over. Someone get me out of here. Preferably somebody in Sweden...

Fuck My Home Town

A Plea To My Friends In Sweden

If you are from Sweden, and you are a kind and generous soul, I'm asking, nay, pleading with you. Marry me? Seriously, I'm housebroken, I have all my shots, I make pretty decent waffles and burgers and shit. All I'm asking is for your (or a possibly a cute associate's) hand in marriage.

Man gets sick benefits for heavy metal addiction

Monday, March 22, 2010


I forgot my computer at home today so I'm borrowing one with nada on it. Here's some shredding to tide you over courtesy of DQM

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Friday Funkdat!

More goodness to come.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Day I Sink A Little Further...

Into liking Dave Grohl more and more... and probably becoming more like him...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A SHIT TON of Backlog Stuff

Despite the fact that I spend most of my fucking life in front of a computer, my relation with the internet is "spotty" at best. My connections at work and home are pretty damn slow, I really have no idea how to program or code or design or whatever, and for some fucking reason, Vimeo and Flickr break on my all the fucking time. Couple that with my tendencies towards distraction and laziness and you've got a formula for me not posting a whole lot of shit I have just lying around...

Sorry 'bout that y'all...

To make it up to you, I'm just gonna post links to a bunch of collections that I haven't had a chance to do proper posts about and you can sort through it yerselves and see how ya feel.

Anyways here ya go:

Unsane/Made Out of Babies/United Nations/Dark Vibe

Concussion/Mutant Supremacy/Magrudergrind/Misery Index

My Vimeo/Movies page

Harvey Milk, Coalesce, and The Atlas Moth @ Le Poisson Rouge in NYC - March 8th, 2010

Here's a bunch of shots from the Harvey Milk/Coalesce/Atlas Moth show put on by the folks at Blackened last night at Le Poisson Rouge. All the bands put on a killer show despite the Monday night crowd. It's tough as shit fighting a slack audience but somehow all the bands managed to rip shit up. I've got movies coming in the near future, stay tuned.

Check some more shots on Flickr

Monday, March 8, 2010

From Ashes Rise/Victims Split LP

At Rats in the Walls practice Brendan got "Uniforms" stuck in my fucking head and I can't get it the fuck out. Infernal song bastard! Damn you Brendan! It's so fucking good.

If you can get to Montreal on the weekend of the 28th I'm so goddamn jealous of you.

Click the pic for the file

Friday, March 5, 2010

Song of the Weekend

Find the lyrics.

Little Julie Swastika

Fucking classic.

Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin

Copped from Mishka again. Bones, this album is for you motherfucker.

I'm a fairly recent convert to Death Metal. Wasn't ever really into a lot of it and most of the fans are still douchebags. After I found that Entombed and Dismember were basically D-beat bands with skills and that Possessed was basically a thrash band with evil vocals, my downward spiral began. I'm still iffy on a lot of it, especially (most...) newer, uber-technical shit that feels more like 6 minute grind with too many solos. After listening to Vasaeleth's "Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin" I now have major faith that not all death/grind made in the last few years is tech-dork shit.

Right off the fucking bat, the album starts with crushing Death/Grind with no fucking remorse. This has got to be downtuned a full 4 steps. Shortly after, it evolves into riffy doom/death shit with coffins-esque ├╝ber-cookiemonster vocals. Not much changes throughout the album and yet it works. Like a charm.

I was going to get all "reviewery" here but fuck it, this is the listening note from the 3rd song:

Fuck me running this is heavy. Normally I'd find shit like this pretty boring but it's so fucking awesomely riff driven and rich that I'm loving it. Though their page claims them to be Death/Black Metal, I really hear very little to do with Black Metal. Maybe their lyrics have something to do with trees or blackened abyssal peaks of infernally doomed goatraping or something. Pretty much to me, the only black metal part about this shit is sometimes they use the drum beat. That's a damn good thing in this case

Basically, Vasaeleth is and heavy and fully adept, but not annoying or trying too hard. That's the key to this album. Also, the production fucking rules for their sound. It feels like the whole thing was recorded in a fucking endless cave of despair. Funny enough, in such a "metal" album, I think it's the hints of punk seeping through that really draw me in and hold my attention. Every song is based on fairly simple structures, solidly defined riffs, and feature a surprising lack of solos and general wankery. Shit, the album even comes in at 30minutes pretty much on the dot. A refreshing change from the seemingly eternal length of most thrash albums of late.

Basically Vasaeleth is in the business of unadulterated heaviness, and business on CB&TtR is fucking great. If you're into Portal and Coffins you'll love this shit.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sardonis - Self Titled E.P.

Every once in a while someone passes me a band that just gets it fucking right. Last week Blake from Rats in the Walls told me to check out this Sardonis EP from a while back. Knowing that basically whatever Blake is listening to is probably better than whatever I'm listening to at the moment, I grabbed it and put it on the shelf all weekend. Man was that shit the right choice. Starting your week on this album is so the right decision.

I've said it a million fucking times before and I'll say it a million times more. Not everything needs to be new, complex, progressive, difficult, or whatever the fuck adjective describing wankery you wanna use. Sometimes, just going down the path of the simple, the easy, or the plain works fucking wonders. Fortunately for all of us, it seems like Sardonis understands this intrinsically and doesn't fuck with it.

This 4 song EP is nothing but an awesome chunk of fucking doom. Just guitars, drums, bass, and supreme heavyness. No vocals, just riffs. No stupid, drawn out, overly psychedelic spacey delay parts. No overly referential copping from one specific band. Just thick, meaty guitar tone, crushing drums, slow tempos, and endless bass grit.

Best of all, the next band in my itunes is Sarke...

Click the pic for the link.

High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine

NOTE: I ripped this from my Mishka review as well but I was actually writing it for NGNV as well.

Click the pic for file.

If there was a First Amalgamated Tabernacle Church of the Word and Deed of Saint Matthew Pike I'd like to think I'd be the high priest. I mean, for fucks sake, the guy is absolutely one of the greatest living riff-forgers, possibly one of the greatest of all time. Shit have you ever listened to the first 30 seconds of Dragonaut? The first 30minutes of Dopesmoker? Anything off the Art of Self Defense? The motherfucker pisses headbangers and shits bong rips.

But... When it comes to High on Fire, I've never been at the edge of my seat waiting for their next albums. To be honest I was kinda stuck on Sleep for a while and never really bothered to give HoF the listen they deserved. I mean, I always dug it when it was on, and I had a few of their albums, but when it came time to pick an album to listen to, I basically lived on Dopesmoker and Amerijuanican for many moons.

After seeing HoF live at Scion and then seeing Sleep at ATP, I was fairly fucking stoked for the new album. Apparently, it'd been a long ass time since they put out their last album and this was pretty anticipated. When Prolly sent me the link to Snakes for the Divine, I was pretty fucking stoked to get down to listening.

It's now 5 full listens later and I still have no idea how I feel about this fucking album. Damnit.

The Pros:
- Pretty much every song stands by itself as a fucking solid jam.
- It's still High on Fire, it sounds like High on Fire.
- The riffs, oh my, the riffs
- Nothing new, they don't fuck with what works

The cons:
- Doesn't really come across as an epic fucking album even though the songs are all good.
- Lacking some of the visceral, ball-punching, gut-wrenchingness of the the other albums. Not really sure why, maybe it's a different guitar tone, maybe it's the vox being too far forward in the mix, maybe it's that his voice has changed over the years but for some reason it's no Blessed Black Wings.
- They don't fuck with their old formula but yet, don't copy all the aspects that made it work so well. Mostly in the production.

This fucker definitely gets out of the gate strong and holds on for the entire album, but there's just something lacking man. Prolly claims it's Matt's newly found "shitty Lemmy impersonation" vocals. I think it's that the guitar tone feels a little less rich in the mix. Who knows. Either way, I'd say this album will fall slightly below their others in my rotation but would probably blow your mind live. If you can come up with a definite opinion on this in less than 5 listens, you're not listening hard enough.