Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Awakening...

So I’m finally getting off my ass and starting this ridiculous project as a way of chronicling the mayhem of living in an age of great turmoil (great being the operative word). Long and short, I’m hoping to make this blog a chronicle of my day to day life of listening to, seeing, and generally loving punk and metal because, even in this climate of general malaise and bitching, there’s an amazing amount of great new music being made every day all across the world.
As I see it, right now I can think of at least 50 crust, doom, thrash, grind, etc. acts touring the world with little to no recognition or documentation outside of flyers, myspace pages, and word of mouth. Bands like Atakke from New York, Deathammer from Maryland, Metalian from Montreal, Disfear from Sweden, Forca Macabra from Finland, you get the idea, are all putting on some of the best shows on the planet, so if you’re interested in the punk and metal world, here’s the site for you.

If your band actually reads this blog and you don't want your music posted here please tell me and I'll gladly take it off, apologize profusely, and probably offer to buy you a beer. If you don't mind me sharing your stuff though, more power to ya.

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