Monday, November 9, 2009

Graf Orlock

Recently I've been trying to clean house (literally and figuratively) and get my shit together. This involves a lot of stupid crap like actually cleaning my room, and other shit like reevaluating what I do at work. Anyways, it's kept me from updating this blog at the rate I like to. Guess I'll make it up to you by posting basically all o Graf Orlock's catalog. Remind me why I haven't changed the name of this blog to "Shit Blake Sends Me" yet?

Right so, Graf Orlock. Inventors of "CinemaGrind." Has little to nothing to do with the Rodriguez/Tarantino movies, promise. In summary, take every quote from every ridiculous 80's/90's action movie, throw them in the middle of a swirling mass of grindy/powerviolencey turmoil, add chunky guitars and multiple dudes wailing and you've got Graf.

Usually this kinda shit would border on my, "What the fuck are these skinny little shit's whine-screaming about again?" but instead of getting all fucking bitchy and emo they're yelling about fucking Point Break, Indiana Jones, Conan, and the fucking Terminator. Also the singers and whole band is tighter than a 10 year old.

Start out with "Destination Time: Yesterday" and move on from there. The albums are in order of release but don't include their split's.

Use this as fuel for the week.

Graf Orlock EP
Corpseperate Greed
Destination Time: Yesterday
Destination Time: Tomorrow
Destination Time: Today

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