Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A SHIT TON of Backlog Stuff

Despite the fact that I spend most of my fucking life in front of a computer, my relation with the internet is "spotty" at best. My connections at work and home are pretty damn slow, I really have no idea how to program or code or design or whatever, and for some fucking reason, Vimeo and Flickr break on my all the fucking time. Couple that with my tendencies towards distraction and laziness and you've got a formula for me not posting a whole lot of shit I have just lying around...

Sorry 'bout that y'all...

To make it up to you, I'm just gonna post links to a bunch of collections that I haven't had a chance to do proper posts about and you can sort through it yerselves and see how ya feel.

Anyways here ya go:

Unsane/Made Out of Babies/United Nations/Dark Vibe

Concussion/Mutant Supremacy/Magrudergrind/Misery Index

My Vimeo/Movies page

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