Monday, June 7, 2010

World of Shit/Maryland Death Fest

All 10 of you still reading this blog after month of near inactivity may be wondering where the fuck the MDF posts are at. 16-18 hour work days and travel have prevented me from getting shit done. Many many apologies. I'm making it up to you today, promise. Hell I already have like 5 videos uploaded starting with this little guy.... I'm hoping to blow through all 5 of my available upload gigs today. Give me a fucking break you domineering pricks, I had a shitty week last week and now I'm trapped in Orland work hell until thursday. Shit, if I work enough hours, maybe I'll be able to afford a decent fucking flash, maybe a decent lens...

You'll find some reviews thrown in there along side of the vids as they pop up... but the photography... well... funny story there. So the promoter of MDF wouldn't reply to my emails about getting press clearance to shoot. I had already bitten the bullet and paid for a 3 day pass so it was really no skin off dudes back but you know how it is. I was told that Decibel had exclusive rights to shoot at MDF. Welp... that was bullshit, so thanks to this one dude all the videos and pics I have are pretty fucking subpar because my camera can't really handle distance so well. I know I'm not winning any friends for next year with this rant but I'm kind of still annoyed a week later.

So, be on the lookout for live videos of Coffins, Watain, Obliteration, Jesus Cröst, Eyehategod, Portal, Melechesh, Massgrave, Jucifer, Repulsion, Autopsy, Wolfbrigade, Black Breath, Entombed, Magrudergrind, Pentagram, Capitalist Casualties, and From Ashes Rise. Yeah that's a lotta good shit right there.

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