Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Pigs Must Die - All Pigs Must Die EP

Every once in a while, Brooklyn does something other than give the NY Times some hackneyed ass shit to discover. Like when they spew forth a band like All Pigs Must Die (Henceforth, APMD, cuz that shit's long to type.) I have no real idea who these dudes are, but, apparently, they're from brooklyn, they include Ben from Converge/Acid Tiger, and they play that weird ass metal punk crust hybrid I dig so hard. Shit's pretty fucking solid. If you like Black Breath, you'll like this. Cuz' the drummer's better. And they play faster. But they're not quite as catchy. But they're definitely hardcore as fuck.

Right anyways, fuzzy, fast, loud, hardcore, metal, punk, shit. Good. Getsum. You've probably already got it though cause we at NGNV pride ourselves on being like 4-5 months to 35 years behind the times. Fuckit man.

Click the link for a picture.


Daniel said...

I'm always late for the trend. Anyways I saw the name and immediately thought of Death in June and of course Charlie. Anyhow thanks for this.

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