Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Autistic Youth

Sometimes you want to listen to melodic downbeat punk. Not cause you're necessarily bummed out, but sometimes you just want to fulfill your uppage of punx quota of the day.

Yeah, that was fucking awful.

Anyway, this is Autistic Youth. My friend Lisa told me about them when we were hanging out in Austin for Chaos over the summer. She said they were great and I should totally check them out. I'm really glad I did. I'm also really glad that I had the good sense not to pee on Lisa when she passed out in our hotel bathroom, sitting on the toliet with her head resting in the shower curtain. Fuck, people from Portland know how to goddamn party.

AY are doing the throwback to early 80s punk like the Adolescents or their hometown dudes, the Wipers. Check it:

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Zane Wooder said...

80's punk was my favorite time. The best punk bands are in the 80's.