Monday, April 13, 2009


This weekend I promised myself that I would actually get my ass in gear and finish a shit ton of projects I started many moons ago. Specifically finishing the guitar cab and fixing the Sunn 200S I picked up a minute ago. WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKERS! I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING I STARTED! FUCK YEAH! With mad help from Dan Forst we replaced the bad tube socked, re-soldered some shit and bam the fucking Sunn is a champion. After that Dan and I finally figured out a decent way to tolex up the "picture frame" front to the cab I build with Thom Skuld over the winter. After a little more help from my roomate Luke and a shit ton of more glue fumes the motherfucker is up and running like a champ! Technically I still need to put like two tiny connections in so that I can daisy chain the thing and a few screws in the back of the picture frame, but as of right now it sounds like Satan's screams and I'm fucking stoked.


Thomas said...

does that amp come with guitar lessons?

Jack said...

Listen here pussyfart, the only lesson you need for guitar is if people can still hear "notes" you're not playing loud enough. Suck a queef pop-punker.

Unknown said...

bad ass