Friday, April 10, 2009

Somebody explain this shit to me.

Ok what the fuck is the deal with Kyuss? How come so many people hoover on their nuts yet they always come across as alright but nothing special? What the hell am i missing? Is it like a right place right time thing? I mean they wrote some decent riffs and all and had a pretty solid tone but it's really nothing special to me.


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filipa c said...

hey, stumbled upon your blog while looking for a link on shrinebuilder's album, and kept on reading, great reviews and music and black metal stuff aha.


here is how kyuss is amazing to so many people. i mean, sheer energy in the middle of the wind and the desert, oh fuck wish i was there.
their music can blast my hears while being faster than most of the things i usually hear. i think the bass lines are just heavy, john garcia is amazing in vocals and josh homme (who does play like hell) was still on the underground, talking less and playing better. and on this video it's brant bjork on the drums, and he's amazing too...

other than that it's just a personal experience, purring motor and kyuss blasting, for me it's awesome.

but i do understand how it's not a one of a kind band, like some other good stuff you've posted about, but still they have a uniqueness in time that just links them to so many people (i mean, i wasn't there, was about 3 years old at the time, but they have inspired me discover and play new stuff)

aha long post :<
anyway nice blog man