Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zoroaster - The Voice of Saturn

Remember infinity weeks ago when I made that post about checking out Zoroaster in Greenpoint at Europa and said how stoked I was to see them in Atlanta? Well I'm still stoked on that show. Dan and the dudes were super cool to me and my friend Vic (an old friend of theirs from the ATL) and they hooked vic up with their new album as soon as it came out. They played a bunch of stuff off it in their two shows but shit is so soul crushingly loud and heavy you can't really tell which way is up when they're on stage. Anyways, Vic passed me this album last weekend and I'm just getting it up now. (pause).

Jumping in from the first track the only thing I could think was, "Mmmmm... Ambience..." followed almost immediately by "SWEET UNHOLY FUCK! IT'S THE UNRELEASED SLEEP SONG!" That emotion ended pretty fucking quickly as the song mellowed out in to a repetitive, piano riff. I still haven't decided if it bored the hell out of me or got a decent head nod, probably a little of both but it was definitely a kicker that early in the album. Fortunately, as soon as "Spirit Molecule" fired up it was straight back to the snarling THC drenched stoner doom of Sleep and fuck is it good if not overly original. The thing I love, and have always loved about Zoroaster is that they don't fuck around. They do doom. They do it well. When they don't fuck with what works it's good. Period. Occasionally though they stray from the more traditional path and results vary.

Take for example the song "White Dwarf" featuring Brent of Mastodon. If you manage to make it through all 5:24 of that ring modulator atmospheric JO sesh sober then huzzah on you. Fortunately, they dive right back into massive riffage shortly after and don't let up until the end of album. In fact, that's pretty much the only real low point for me besides the somewhat confusing piano.

On a whole, the album winds it's way through some highly agreeable stoner doom that is definitely a different, somewhat more produced (not in a bad way mind you) vibe than Dog Magic or the S/T but give it a listen and enjoy the definite "Sleep-y" vibe.

Zoroaster - Voice of Saturn

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