Friday, October 2, 2009

Fukpig - Spewings From A Selfish Nation

I know I posted about this album being on Abattoir666 the other day but shit is just too good to not post. Know how most of the time when somebody tries to combine a million different awesome things in to one package it usually turns in to some sort of cluttered, way to self-aware, annoying, steaming pile of shit? Yeah, well not Fukpig.

If you can get past the name, this band is one of the best fucking things I've listened to in ages. 2 of the dudes from Anaal Nathrakh got together and basically threw Tragedy, World Burns to Death, English grind, 2nd gen black metal, Motörhead and a huge helping of Swedish death metal into the fucking blender and Fukpig is what poured out. Un. Real.

When I first grabbed it off Abattoir666 I was expecting something along the lines of super straight ahead, grinding, snarling death metal. Within about 3 seconds my expectations were smashed as the D-beat/Entombed guitar/Tragedy Meows (you know, that like meeeee meee mmeeeee meeee meee meeeeeoooooowwwww thing Todd does with his guitar all the time? Yeah, that's officially been dubbed the "meow." Fucking deal with it.) dove straight out.

I'd break down every song for you but fuck it. Just listen to this shit and try to tell me I'm wrong. This album definitely works best when listened to as a whole though. It'll definitely be one of the best 30min of the day.

EDIT: OK so I say if you like Disfear and old Swedish Death Metal you'll fucking love this. Blake says it's like a more black metal Nasum. Opinions?



Prolly said...

A Miserable Drunk shooting Miggs into the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Cunt Hive is my pick. I have to agree though, the album is best experienced listened to start to finish in one fell swoop. Brilliant record!

Drunk said...

Thanks for the review man. Best one I've seen for the record yet!

Second one coming out early next year.


Drunk said...

new album a couple months away...