Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tafkata - "Worker & Parasite" and "Demo"

Blake, endless source of the gnarliest heavy shit I never listened to before but am slowly growing to crave, has supplied me with yet another fucking gem. A gem made out of addictive, sludgy, brutal but massively riffy fucking sweetness. A while back, Blake and I were shooting the shit about how I basically listen to Eyehategod a fuck load. He, in his own significantly more understated way, was like, "You're a fucking pussy. Put the fucking manpants on and listen to this Enewetak shit. Shortly after followed Unruh and Suicide Nation and blah blah blah. It will fuck your dog, beat your sister, and abscond with your Spawn action figure collection all in the same night." Well, maybe not exactly that but you know, literary fucking license n'all. Anyways, I listened to "Onward to Valhalla" and was converted to the ways of west coast evil fucking grind sludge.

Turns out that the singer and bassist of Enewetak went off after that band died and formed this band Tafkata (who according to Brendan, sounds like some Swahili word. He also thinks Enewetak sounds like a Swahili word... I'm calling the fucking wobblies on you son.) who are basically like the stoner-sludge side of the Enewetak coin and BOY AM I FUCKING EXCITED. This shit ripped me a new one straight from the beginning of the first song on the demo to the last song on the album. It's seriously like perfect doom/sludge riffs, with just the right amount of screamy grindy vocals, followed by great straight ahead hardcore breakdowns and pretty much every song clocks in at like 2 or 3 minutes so it doesn't drag ass.




Unknown said...

Didn't know where else to post this but since we are pretty much done as a band, a couple of us ex-Tafkata guys started a new band. If you like Tafkata you should enjoy this one.

Jack said...

Thanks for getting in touch man. Tafkata was fucking excellent, I'm sure SSOS is sick too.

Jack said...

Yo Eddie, send me an email @ I gotta few questions for you.