Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Converge at 33rpm

Like many punk kids growing up in Kentucky, I went to Krazy Fest in Louisville. Back in those days (which was just 2001) you would go to this fest sponsored by Initial Records and it would be the only chance you would be able to see anyone halfway decent. I didn't go to a lot of big tour band shows in high school, but mostly hung out with the ten kids in southeastern Kentucky/southwest Virginia/Northeastern Tennessee who would listen to anything remotely heavy. Anyway, to stop rambling like Grandpa Simpson, I saw CONVERGE for the first and last time at Krazy Fest. Man did they suck. I liked a couple of songs when they first started out, but it was basically this bag of bones in a full body suit just making grunting noises with these too cool for school nerds making noises on their instruments. One of the two things I remember from that show was Jake throwing a full water bottle at the crowd and that one bass player guy hocking a loogie in someone's open mouth. (He actually asked the guy to open his mouth in the first place, saying he had a "present" for him).

After that experience I was never really into Converge. However, I got turned on to their Jane Doe record tuned down to 33rpm. It's not as good as say, 15 Counts of Arson at 33, but it makes this band tolerable.


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