Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the New World

So a few weeks ago I said I had big news about NGNV. Well here it is. Please allow me to introduce the expanded writing/drinking staff of No Gods, No Vegetables.


name- Thom Skuld
city- Tokyo, Japan
bands(current)- Amputee, Ogre [Japan]
(former)- Haunted Castle, Dismembered Head
other metal exploits- Metal Race, Metal Race 2, Submit To Satan zine
a few words- I am an artist and musician (drums) from Brooklyn, NY (ok originally Chicago) now living in Tokyo. Most of the stuff I listen to is black, death, and thrash metal or d-beat, crust and some hardcore and any combination of the aforementioned. In the past few years, after living with a Maiden fan, I've also let go of my prejudices and now enjoy heavy metal as well.

SKVLD's site

Blake Sinclair

I'm a west coast native who spent 3 years living in Brooklyn. I work in photography, surf and ride bikes. I care way too much about coffee. I've played music with Arches, The Mistake and Rats In The Walls. I just became a dad, so I treasure sleep more than anything in the world.

Social Purgatory

Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly was born and raised in the Pine Barrens, and escaped roughly eighteen years later to an entirely different breed of wilderness - West Philly, Brooklyn, North London, and now back in Brooklyn for good (or at least, for a few more months. Who the fuck knows). Her writing has appeared within the pages of Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Unrestrained, Hails & Horns, and more, and poisoned the pixels of Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Oranges, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection and tons of others, as well as sporadically (dis)gracing her own blog, Ravishing Grimness (Ravishing Grimness). When she's not scribbling, she's promoting sweet bands, booking sweet shows, spending entirely too much money on sweet black metal records, and touring with sweet dudes hustling merch/hauling gear. Kim enjoys fine whiskey, Russian literature, big fucking steaks, and the dulcet tones of Mike IX Williams.

Brendan Enright

I’m Brendan and I’ve played guitar in different bands around NYC for the last three years. I grew up
in Indiana whose special blend of culture and progressive thinking has made me the well-adjusted,
fine upstanding citizen that I am this day. In addition to my position as High Priest in Junior’s cult
dedicated to Crom, I spend my time being a curmudgeon, listening to punk rock and metal, drinking nice
beer, drinking shitty beer (when I’m broke), DIY ethics, and exploring the line between cynicism and
misanthropy. Future plans include Nationwide Terrorization (touring).

Mike Ley

Born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in post-Slint Louisville, KY. After partying in Bloomington, IN for 5 years, I moved to Brooklyn where I have been working as an art director and deisgner. I run the small press mlproject, hides mfg, and contribute to endless blockades, tracko, and how about never? while listening to the finest streetpunk, oi, hardcore, skinhead reggae, terrace terror and kraut rock.

Junior Tidal

My name is Junior and I play guitar and sing in We Are All Savages [We Are All Savages Site]. I was raised in Kentucky (Filipino by birth, southern by the grace of god), but have called Brooklyn home for the last five years. I am also a cult leader. In addition to attending interventions, turn ons include DIY culture, bourbon, punk rock, and fake meat.

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