Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disavowed - Perceptive Deception

Here's a slice of breakneck speed Brutal Death Metal for you all the way from the Netherlands. Yep, don't let that 'dis-' fool you, there's not a trace of d-beat to be found here. The brighter ones among you might've figured that out by the logo. I was originally going to write about how I found this album, but in doing a little fact checking I've realized that my memory of how I came across this album is totally wrong and now I'm confused. Anyways I've been practicing blast beats these days so I can really appreciate a drummer that pulverizes his kit but still retains some nuance and style. Check out the video for "Rhizome" below. They have some close-ups of those blasts, but he looks surprisingly stiff. Again I'm confused. But I guess "flying fingers" isn't the only technique for a good blast.

Click image for DL.

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