Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tragedy in Brooklyn

Here's a quick post. This is Tragedy (Ex-His Hero is Gone, Deathreat, Uranus, etc.) playing live in Brooklyn. In this video you can see myself, Jack and Brendan towards the front. I think there's one part where I get hit in the head by a stage diver.

Anyhow, Tragedy is great. They've spawned a ton of clones (as did HHIG)...yet I also think it's because they're a rip-off of Judgement, Muga, and all those other Burning Spirit bands.


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Anonymous said...

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Jack said...

I didn't.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Muga started in '04, tragedy was in '00, initially taking their sound from Skitsystem, Judgment, honing in on the sound in the Tragedy/HHIG-related band From Ashes Rise (Check out the "Fragments of a Fallen Sky 7in Demo).

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