Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The MDF 2011 Rundown Begins

As you might be able to figure out, I don't post here much anymore. I post slightly more at cvltnation (but not nearly enough to make Sean and Meg happy...) but that's a different thing. One of the main reasons for my lack of posting is sheer fucking laziness. Yeah, pretty much that's it. It takes a fuck ton of work to keep this shit updated and I got lazy about it apparently. The other main reason I don't post as much as I used to is because my fucking camera broke and it's gonna cost like $180 min to fix that shit. That's a huge bummer for me because I really like shooting pics and $180 isn't exactly piss change (yeah this is a real thing. Some places in Europe those bastards actually make you pay like 30 cents to take a fucking leak. Pretty weak huh?). Either way, it gives me a lot less shit to share with the internets. In lieu of my posting photos, just go check out the work of dudes like Fred and Samantha and co over at Brooklyn Vegan. They're at pretty much all the shows I'm at anyways.

However, now that I've apologized and begged on bendedfuckingknee for your collective forgiveness, I'm going to at least make some minimal effort to do a rundown of Maryland Death Fest 2011. Since I don't believe in fucking Twatter or whatnot I'm going to put all my useless blurbs here. Because of dead camera syndrome, in order to remember what the hell I had seen, I relied on a little notebook thingy in which I hand wrote my random retard thoughts. Now y'all gotta deal with them. I'll do 3 a day until they run out or something. Maybe some longer posts for bands that struck my fancy.


Day 1:


Not being from New Mexico is rad because it means I'll never have to be as gnarly or fucked up as these dudes just to survive


Ask a Swede "Who's better? Dismember, Anti-Cimex, or Candlemass?" If they're in this band they'll answer, "Yes." Also, the singer looks like my friend Barney John.

Flesh Parade:

If Mardi Gras had a retarded grindcore party with cockshaped pool noodles & crusties it'd be kinda like this, but prolly less fun. They're like the Weedeater of Grindcore.



Your pleasant next door neighbors hardcore band. The one whose mom bakes rad cookies.


Yup, still Buzzov*en. Thank fucking god.


Seeing Tragedy is kinda hard to sum up in one sentence. Although when they played Conflicting Ideas I guess I could sum that up with, "NNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU *zblut* Ohhhhhhh...... mmmm......."


You see that shirt? Yeah, that just about says it all. Amazing.


Gnar Jen said...

I wanna die. How do I keep missing Tragedy shows!!!!

P.S. Fuck yeah you're making boards
P.P.S. Come shred New Smyrna Beach !

Anonymous said...

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