Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MDF Rundown Day 2

Fuck it, here's day 2!

Funebrarum: "The singer yells "FUCKING' METAL" a lot. That about sums it up.

Aura Noir: If Haunted Castle didn't suck we would have almost sounded like this. In our fucking dreams. And that's including the fact that they say shit like, "Here we go!"

Machetazo: Hearing dudes with fancy Castillian accents play meaty, gnarly grind is pretty funny. They'd make a killer doom band if they just played their opening riff for like 20 minutes though.

Cripple Bastard: Well, I guess we figured out where all the people in Italy actually getting shit done instead of sitting around drinking cappuccinos are... They're in Cripple Bastard making sure that we know the world has gone to the fucking dogs.

Corrosion of Conformity: Jesus, way to live the hardcore life fellas. At least it still sounds hardcore. Really hardcore. Shit, well this is pretty good! I'll be damned!

Neurosis: Still the best in the business. This band was absolutely worth tearing my shorts in to make pissing all over my left foot so I didn't lose my spot at the front gate [editors note: true story. I did that. It was worth it.]. Seriously, nothing heavier.

Exhumed: Oh, now I remember why I like death metal played by punks! Because it's fucking rad! That's why! And I don't even like deathgrind all that much.

Marduk: This sucks less than I thought it would! A lot less. Dunno why I thought this would suck but it's pretty rocknroll. Always a plus for black metalers to avoid the fucking synth.

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