Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MDF 3rd day Recap

Masakari: If I miss this fucking band one more time I'm gonna lose my shit. Godddamnit.

Creative Waste: This song was totally better the first 46x. Waittaminnit... isn't this a Machetazo covering Rotten Sound covering Carcass Covering Napalm Death cover?

Mammoth Grinder: I am ALL A-FUCKING-BOUT bands with "grind" in their name that play killer slow parts, crushing d-beat sections, and hardly ever use blastbeats. now if only we could get all the dis-bands to do the same. MamGr, yer ok! Also, Welcome to Hell is always the right choice.

Cretin: Well, that's brutal. It takes balls to rock a set of tits like that. Not that it makes any fucking difference. Once brutal, always brutal. Quote of the set, "Nothing I like more than titties except cock. As long as I don't have it..."

The Kill: "Mom Problems."

Nunslaughter: A solid candidate in the race for best one-liners. It's definitely gonna be close between these guys and Cretin. Come for the Hesh, stay for the standup. At least they rip hard at the hesher shit.

Acid Witch. If this is a joke it's already old. If it's serious, it should have been a joke. If it's both, it's still fucking lame. Bummer, totally wanted to like this little respite from fucking blastgrinddeath.

Voivod: Maybe, if I really devote myself to the study of metal, by the time I die, I may, possibly, be able to begin to wrap my puny mind around the might of Voivod.
... but probably not.

Exhorder: More good death metal. Nuff sed.

Hooded Menace: Hmmm... it's like the white dude, Finn version of Coffins. The one that hasn't been left in the Japanese-make-shit-all-totally-fuckedup-insane-creepy machine. That's in a good way though. It's pretty good. Problem: Hard not to laugh when thinking they should be named Hooded Pennis.

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