Friday, January 30, 2009

Amebix/Kylesa Review

Holy fuck. That was unreal.

Sorry about the slow day/lack of detail. I'm currently in a world of fucking pain from Tombs/Kylesa and kylesa/amebix back to back + stacking super hard on my bike. Something more substantial will come out of this later.

EDIT: Right so it's later and now that I've had nigh on a week to process what I witnessed I think I can write some more about it. The Atakke/Thought Crime/Kylesa/Amebix show will definitely go down as one of the best shows of the year if not my life. Every aspect of this show came off flawlessly in a show that could have gone so horribly, horribly wrong (read: fat old ex-crusties digging out their old vests and slogging desperately through songs they don't remember to a crowd aghast at the patheticness...)

Anyways, I don't think I've ever been part of a crowd that was more stoked to be at a show in my life. Seeing a room of hundreds of people all in black, mostly denim, mostly covered in patches, all grinning from ear is truly a site to behold. Hell I even saw the dudes in Atakke smiling. It was that good.

I missed Atakke but Though Crime and Kylesa were great as well. It was definitely visible this wasn't any old show for the guys in thought crime. They were totally on top of their game and the sound was fucking killer. Todd looked like a little fucking kid he was so stoked to be onstage with Amebix. Kylesa just looked happy not to be being trampled like they were at the Charleston the night before, accordingly they sounded killer.

When Amebix came out it was madness. Instead of the fat old squatpunks I was expecting it was three, very well preserved, semi-goth looking dudes who had no pretension, brought no bullshit, and threw down nothing but the best. They played fucking everything the crowd wanted to hear, they played it well, and for real it sounded better than on the albums. I've now officially had Axeman and Chain Reaction stuck in my head for a week straight. These dudes know how to put on a show and I sincerely thank Roy Mayorga (who fucking killed it all night on the drums/samples) for convincing them to finally come to the states. Dudes, even the fucking backdrops eye's lit up! How sweet is that shit?

After the show I got to meet Rob and Stig for a minute while they were getting some beers. Two of the nicest guys I've ever shook hands with.

Long story short, it was everything I hoped for and more. Call me a shill or a panderer or whatever, I don't give a fuck, Amebix fucking kills it.

Here's some pics by Ralphy from that night. Ralphy's Pictures Apparently brooklyn vegan also took some.
BrooklynVegan's shots

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