Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sin Dios - Ruido Anticapitalista & Alerta Antifascista

Keeping on the Spanish theme here's some fucking Sin Dios. This shit just sounds so killer. Early 90's band from Madrid, super anarcho/squatter punks. Sadly no longer around but they have this great vibe where they can alternate from Bad Brains sounding spitfire lyrics to straight up old school hardcore 1212 to some sort of whack eletro piano ska to early 90's crust/d-beat.

If you have any more decent info on Sin Dios or Ruidosa Inmundicia lemme know and I'll add it in.

Sin Dios - Ruido Anticapitalista & Alerta Antifascista


M said...

Los Crudos?

Jack said...

Fuck yeah dude, you know, minus that one whacked out semi-ska song, there are definitely some similarities. You gonna tell me Crudos never listened to these dudes?