Friday, January 23, 2009

Neurosis - Given To The Rising

This one's for Thomas from the Sleepies (see previous post, probably on 1st page for deviously fucking insidiously catchy album d/l). Last night in the worlds most crowded asshole bar where I came nigh on slaughtering the people in the way of my beer consumption, Thomas and I got to talking about Metal, and how even as someone who has no fucking clue about the first thing about metal he can still get behind the fucking Melvins. I, as someone who enjoys the fuck out of some Melvins got behind that statement and had to back it up by saying that perhaps his first hit was good, but maybe he should up the fucking ante and step in to some Neurosis.

Neurosis is perfect. It's got the hardcore roots that a punk like myself demands and the massive, spinewrenching, skullcrushing, bowel emptying riffage a doom fan desires, and then some weird ambient shit for everyone else. Basically they are fucking unstoppable. Thomas, here's the new album I was telling you about. Give it a shot.

Neurosis - Given to the Rising

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