Monday, August 16, 2010

Gehennah - Hardrocker

A million bazillion moons ago, Metal Thom Skvld gave me an album by this band called Gehennah. Gehennah, with an H. Not with no H, like Gehenna. I'm glad we went over that. I summarily was super stoked to listen to it, then never did. Because I am a jackass. Well, a few weeks ago I rediscovered this album and put it on for shits and giggles. It made me shit, and giggle. This crap is fucking awesome.

Gehennah is straight up Thommetal (new term), aka raw, punk rooted black thrash that's as much Motörhead as Mayhem. Apparently this album came out in 1995 but it's blowing my mind right the fuck now. You can really see where the new crop of Bone Awl/new Darkthrone/Sarke type bands are drawing from with this RawBlackHikingMetalPunksRevival movement going on.

I don't feel like writing more because I'm headbanging right now. Listen to Gehennah fuckers. They're german or something and rad.

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hedvux said...

they're from Sweden! Saw them live a couple of times!