Monday, August 2, 2010

Masakari - "The Profit Feeds" & "Eden Compromised EP"

During the summertime I don't feel like doing fuck all. Especially during this summertime, when the waves have been good, it's been really fucking hot for days on end, I'm moving, was out of town for a shit ton of time, and frankly I'm just fucking lazy.

This band is good enough to awaken the long dormant blogasshole inside of me. You need this album. Especially if your name is Brendan or Junior and you were once in the band Rats in the Walls. Yes, that's right I reference my own (former) bands on my blog. Fuck all y'all.

Right, anyways, Masakari out of Cleveland are the disgusting crusty HHIG 90s political hardcore fiends I have been needing. They're loud, they play d-beats, they have meows, they scream real loud about how fucked up the world is, they write great fucking songs, and they write great fucking songs. Basically, the first thing I thought when I heard this was, "Motherfucking Portland gets all the good shit goddamnit." Then I read that they were from fucking Cleveland and all was made better. If we can get a crust album strong enough to get signed by Souther Lord out of Cleveland, none of us have excuses for why we're not making more awesome punk elsewhere.

This band, named after a Japanese warrior monk battle axe (and not a finnish spelling for massacre or something like I originally thought...) solidly walks the path that His Hero is Gone, Deathside/Burning Spirits bands, From Ashes Rise, etc. carved out before them while somehow never being boring. You can definitely hear why Southern Lord would be interested in them after signing Black Breath as well. They have that "Heavy and Raw yet Produced" sound that we've come to know and love.

Long and Short, put your buttflap back on motherfucker, it's Masakari time.

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