Friday, January 14, 2011

the band called Nothing playing at lulus right now is fucking awful

Usually I don't do this when im out at a shoe but this band is so fucking awful that I feel obliged to warn you all. The band "Nothing" currently playing at lulus in brooklyn with bad dream ia the worst band on earth. Seriously, this band Fucking sucks. Harder than words will ever allow. Never see them. Kill on site.

That is all.


Dan said...

I was next door at East River Tattoo all night while you were at this show. How 'bout next time you're out at Lulu's on a weekend, you call me and use your god damned words instead of texting "doorknob" to me because you farted.

How come nobody told me Bad Dream was playing?!

Jack said...

Nobody likes you you snatchy little gremlin. That's why. And you smell of oats. And offal.