Friday, January 14, 2011

Pentagram, Hull, Bezoar, Judas Priestess @ Europa, Jan 6th, 2011

Pentagram are gods. This much is a given. They're just one of those unfukwittable things in life. Like loudly farting in a crowded library or beer for breakfast, they're always the right choice. More on them later though.

So I haven't been to many shows lately, one here or there, but hardly the number I was hitting 6 months ago. Anyways, many moons ago, my buddy Tyler of Bezoar/the Levee fame told me that he was opening up for Pentagram at Europa in January. I, of course, was fucking stoked for him because Bezoar is one of the best bands around Brooklyn right now and they totally fit that bill. On top of that, he mentioned that perennial favorites and excellent all around dudes Hull would also be on the bill. A fucking success before it even starts.

So I showed up nice and early to catch Bezoars set. Well. Fucking. Worth it. Everytime I see that band they get just a little weirder, just a little heavier, and just a little better. Straight stonerdoom morons, maybe sit this one out. This band involves though, and the ability to deal with a solo and some psyche. Now for the rest of us who can handle big boy/girl music, get this fucking album and see them live. Sarah's vox are eerie and evil as fuck, Tyler has some of the best tone in the city, and the new drummer Justin(?) totally gave the band new life. He's fucking heavy. 'Nuff Said.

Next on was Judas Priestess. They're good. They cover Judas Priest and they're all ladies. I'm sure plenny has been written about them elsewhere so I'm gonna move on.

After that, Hull. This band will be remembered in the future. Mark my fucking words people. They're one of the few bands out there tight enough to exist as a 5 piece with 5 singers and 3 guitars, claim having an awful night, and still have the entire audience raving like fucking lunatics at the end of their set. Fuck it, they're heavy enough to blow the power out of my old house, they're heavy enough to blow your fucking mind. Got it? Good. Go see Hull. Now. Asap. Stat.

Finally, Pentagram. Now, despite the fact that I truly believe in the unholy, unquestionable power of this band, I've seen them not at their best in the past. Every once in a while the sound just isn't up to par, the crowds fucking lame, Bobby's nodding off in a smack induced haze, etc. Whatever the excuse, they're not 100% reliable live.

This was not one of those shows. Easily the best I've ever seen them. Europa was a perfect fit for the crowd, the band, the vibe, just everything. Not too big or small, the sound was absolutely fucking killer, and they were tighter than a nun's cunt. Their tone was dialed, their set was on fucking point hitting a good mix of old and new, and Bobby was a fucking wildman. Now that shit, was a blast. If you missed em then, find them soon.

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