Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 5 Records of 2010

Following in the footsteps of Thom, I'm going to post some of my favorite records from 2010. However, since I am an underachiever, I am only going to post my top 5

1. Forgetters - 2x7"
This record is some great punk rock. Great lyrics and awesome melodies, this is by far one of my favorite records to come out this past year. They're playing the cake shop this saturday (1/8) so you best get to the show.

2. Kingdom - Helmetraan
I can't stop listening to this droney shit. Check out my earlier post for a clip.

3. RVIVR - Life Moves 7"
Pop punk from Olympia that reminds me of J Church. They played a great show here in Brooklyn at Lulu's and man, did people get into it. I sure hope they stop by here again

4. Inter Arma - Sundown
RVA metal hardcore that is fucking brutal. Great record with a ton of really interesting influences.

5. The Estranged - Subliminal Man LP
I like this band. They remind me of the Cure and the Wipers. I reckon they also got the drummer from Hellshock to take downers so he could play the drums all punk-goth tempo.

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