Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MDF 2011 Final Day Recap

Main Room 1:15-8:15 (excluding Oak): If I hear another fucking blastbeat I am going find Miles Ratledge, punch a hole in his throat, and rape it.

Oak: Meh

Gravehill: These dudes are fucking great. I would never listen to this at home but these motherfuckers are working their asses off and look great doing it. And yes, that is the first time I've ever said that about a huge, sweaty man, in a spiked leather harness, covered in fake blood. Fuck yeah Gravehill.

Orange Goblin: If I hadn't locked my fucking keys in my truck this would have been the highlight of my day. They were everything I expected. Everything they were supposed to be. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a bunch of dudes playing heavy rock. Nothing new or surprising or groundbreaking or mind blowing. Just good old fashioned stoner metal.

Nuclear Assault: In case you were wondering, the only way to have a successful band ever is to have Danny on bass. Seriously. Danny was the reason Mozart was a hit. He kickstarted the Rolling Fucking stones. He is probably Geezer Butler's father. And if you want a hit band, you must have him. Nuclear Assault, we love you, ease off the weirdo banter.

Bastard Noise: Well, ain't nobody like them around that's for fucking sure. Thank god somebody's keeping it interesting.

Coroner: Where the fuck have these dudes been? Ok so maybe their a little weird, and maybe they have some "funky" parts, but all and all one of the more interesting bands I've ever heard. Also, sweep picking into tapping into sweep picking without sounding like Yngwie J is pretty fucking impressive. Would see again.

Wormed/Last Days of Humanity: See Main Room 1:15-8:15 (excluding Oak). Also, refer to the 15minute grind rule.

Ghost: I'll have a post about this on Cvltnation one day. Way too much going on here for me to capture in one idiotic snarky comment.


burzumbread said...

oak is pretty sic

Jack said...

Whatever man. To each his own but when they played ny a few years back they cleared the room. For a reason.

Anonymous said...

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