Sunday, March 1, 2009

The aftermath

Oh man, Vic and I are straight fucking whipped from Scion Rock Fest. Yesterday was easily one of the best fucking days of music I have ever seen. I can't believe I'm thanking a car company for anything, but scion ran that shit pretty much right on point all day without a hitch. I mean I have some issues with security stupidity but all the bands were basically right on the dot and sounded great. I'm writing this shit from a phone so this won't be my big review of every little thing that happened but I figure I'll at least give a quick rundown of events while waiting for my 3hrs delayed flight.

At the end of the day the bands I got to see were:
- Kylesa
- Torche
- Skeletonwitch
- Toxic Holocaust
- Boris
- High on Fire
- Neurosis
- Zoroaster
- 1349

I didn't catch full sets of all bands but those were ones I caught enough of to be able write about. Every one of those bands was something to write home about. There were a few I would have liked to see (Harvey Milk, Krallice, wolves in the throne room, & Baroness for example) but shit either got in the way (security dildo bastards) or I was just having too much fun at another band. Sadly I couldn't score press passes so I gotta do all my interviews over the phone at some later date, but like I said before, more details to come later.

P.S. It is snowing like something out of fucking revelations. In Atlanta. Which is in Georgia. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!? Seriously.

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