Monday, March 16, 2009


So our half-gay, half-retarded, all emo, 9/10th BOCES friends over in the Sleepies have put out yet another blight on your ears in the form of an UpTheDrunx podcast. If you're not familiar with the upthedrunx series of podcasts, let me break it down for you. It's two awkward assholes, living out their puerile college radio fantasies in the form of an openly unlistened-to, torturously long, unprofessional, mixtape abortion featuring the worst in the shit you listened to as a teenager, hackneyed 80's indie rock, and occasionally some unknown, Ergs soundalike garage punk band from either Brooklyn or New Jersey. Basically, it's the worlds saddest attempt a making something that may, one day, in an alternate universe, grease these two schmucks into some NYU grad with one too many chromasomes little boy shorts.

In other words, I've listened to every one. Start to finish. The day they came out.

Fortunately for you motherfuckers, this week is the best one they've done. "How is this possible!?" you might ask... well let me tell you. This installment is their meagre attempt to berate the mighty Haunted Castle into joining them in a Sleepies vs. HC upthedrunx podcast.

Well fuck them, it totally worked. Me and Bones are heading over there on sunday to get "uncled" and "abrasive" and to "play music" while "insulting each other's taste and dick size" and perhaps "fuck each other..."

You'll know when it happens. Oh yes, you'll know... Man am I looking forward to this.


josh said...

bring it on assholes.

Jack said...

Consider it broughtn pussy.

Unknown said...

just you wait until we come over and endlessly verbally assault you. next week's podcast is gonna be titled "Josh won't stop crying into Thomas' lap."

I hope neither of you are vegetarian, because you just entered a world of Dead Meat.