Friday, March 20, 2009

The Heaviest Band in the Universe

Today I have listened to nothing but Electric Wizard. After a week of trying to keep up with the Hell Yeah crew from London, who rule, my soul and body are officially crushed. The only thing heavy enough to further drive me into the ground is Electric Wizard. If you haven't ever checked it, I highly recommend heading the fuck over to STONEROBIXXX and getting as much of that shit as your tiny mind can handle. For some really interesting stuff, check out the "Pre-Electric Wizard" electric wizard. It's a comp of the material released when they were still Eternal/Thy Grief Eternal and some of Justin Oborn's Lord of Putrefaction days. Some of it is hit or miss but there's some really cool looks into their super St. Vitus/classic Sab influence as well as some awesome Doom/Death shit that, when combined with their old sound lead to their current state of Heaviness (capitalized on purpose.) Would post more but I'd rather just let robixxx take care of it for me.

PS: The password for when it asks is robixxx

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