Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cattle Press - Hordes To Abolish The Divine

Listening to God's Iron Tooth on today this band came up, further destroying whatever "New York Cred" I claim to have... Apparently this band is made up of ex members of Nausea and Born Against and was birthed and resides in the city I call home. Sludgy as fuck and downright terrifying, Cattle Press is one of those gems that I love coming across.

Straight up "Sludge" this is not. Doom, hardcore, death metal, industrial, and a generous helping of grind all creep their way in to this de-tuned mishmash of pain. Keeps it interesting in a gnarlier, creepier Dystopia/Grief/Noothgrush kinda way. Definitely less "stonery" and more grindy/deathy. This shit will turn the bluest day gray.

Cattle Press - Hordes to Abolish the Divine

PS: Props to Prolly for coming through on the album art. Solid.

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