Friday, March 6, 2009

The Big Scion Rock Fest Recap Review Thing Part 1 - Getting there.

So now that I've had a week to cool the fuck down and readjust to humanity (as opposed to Atlanta) I think I'm gonna get down to brass fucking tacks and write this review of what I saw at Scion Rock fest. I can't really figure out a good way to break this shit down so I'm just gonna go from start to finish.

The long and short of how I got to go to SRF has to do with my friend Victoria. She's an ATL native and sings in one of my bands and is generally good solid people. We got to sending emails back and forth one day about shows and music and shit and, of course, the conversation turned to the upcoming Neurosis show down in ATL. 15 minutes later I had a forwarded email in my inbox with the message "You have reserved 2 spots for the Scion Rock Fest." Despite the fact that I'm pretty much broke right now and we were talking about the show like it was a cool but unattainable goal, Vic had decided to light a fire under my ass. A few weeks and a few hundred dollars later we were on a plane to ATL.

We got in to town late friday night after a close to 3 hour delay and two $9 beers in the airport bar (fuck that shit) and basically crashed the fuck out at our friend Scott's house in Decatur (technically not Atlanta but couldn't really tell the difference).

Anyways, the first thing you will notice about Atlanta when driving in from the airport is that the "city" is a shithole and feels like a bunch of weird ass, endless suburbs. Apparently these suburbs contain enough people to have earned the title of "city" but fuct if I saw much of that there (4th ward withheld, shit felt relatively legit I think... I dunno I was wasted on my way home from the titty bar. More on that to come much much later). We crashed out early because we had to be up at like 8 to get online to get wristbands to ensure ourselves entry in to the festival. Being a free fucking show involving Neurosis and High on Fire and shit (coulda swore it was sponsored by Orange considering that pretty much EVERY FUCKING BAND THERE WAS PLAYING ORANGE AMPS. Sorry, jealous) it was basically guaranteed to "sell out" fast. Fortunately we got there at the perfect time, scored entry early (still had to wait in line in the rain for a while while some HARD DUDES shared parole violation stories...) and then ate the shit out of some biscuits and gravy at the Majestic, a diner not far from the venue. Now this may seem like an inconsequential detail to most people, but I take my biscuits and gravy VERY FUCKING SERIOUSLY. That shit was delicious and cost like $6. Fucking sweet. Anyways after that we headed back to the venue where part 2 commenced...

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