Friday, July 10, 2009

Diamond Head - Diamond Head EP (AKA the White Album or Lightning to the Nations)

The band that pretty much single-handedly started Metallica and Megadeth. Basically the grandaddies of speed metal. NWOBHM legends Diamond Head fucking killed it with some of the most lasting axe licks of all times. Guess I'm on a NWOBHM kick or something lately, who woulda fucking guessed. Usually I dive in to the skatethrashcrossovercore pretty hard during the sunny months. Gotta keep it classic sometimes.

There's really enough written about this band album that you can do your own damned research in like 3 minutes on google or allmusic. Y'all are big kids and everyone and their mom has heard Metallica's version of "Am I Evil?" Just uh... I dunno listen to the real deal shit and get your Spinal Tap inspiration on.

Click the pic for the d/l

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