Thursday, August 27, 2009

Corrupted/Noothgrush 12" Split (1997)

If I was the kind of person who engaged in torture for profit (you know, rather than fun) I would always be sure to have 2 copies of this album around. I'm almost 100% sure that if you play this album at just the right volume you can actually watch somebody's liqufied gray matter ooze from their ears, nose, and tear ducts like some sort of early Peter Jackson movie.

For those just coming in to contact with these two forces of deviance, Corrupted and Noothgrush are a pretty spot on representation of some of the heaviest fucking sludge the 90's could vomit forth. Both bearing the necessary comparability to a glacier. Grinding/tearing/crushing sounds, tempos measured in eons, destructive nature, etc. Couple that with a unapologetic nihilism (and amusing love for Star Wars in Noothgrush's case) and you've got this album. Punishing, loud, merciless sludge/doom meant to skullfuck you silly. I think the kick-off song title "Hatred For The Species" just about sums up the feeling you're gonna get listening to this.


I've been super digging on the Corrupted tracks. Nothing says fuck globalism like a Japanese band playing music invented in England, perfected in the US, and with lyrics in Spanish.

Oh and PS: The word Noothgrush comes from Dr. Seuss. How fucking metal is that.


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Jake Money said...

Fucking amazing record. Getting a Noothgrush 7" in a lot buy was what got me into sludge, oh so long ago.