Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For my Anonymous Friend from Yesterday i.e. a D-Beat History Lesson

Ok so yesterday I made a post called The Methusela Jam about the first "proper d-beat" song I could get my hands on ("You Tear Me Up" by the Buzzcocks). Now, of course there's gonna be people who gotta chime in on this with comments like:

"Uh. D-Beat means "Discharge beat" bro."

I understand where you're coming from on this one buddy but allow me to defend myself. First of all the "D-Beat" or Discharge beat/down-beat/disbeat is a really basic drum beat (Lazy man's explanation of D-Beat has a decent blurb about/sample of it) and you can hear it all over Motörhead and NWOBHM jams. What I'm saying though is that Discharge, while totally responsible for changing it from just another drumbeat in to a genre, definitely had some concrete influences.

Here's the Buzzcocks song:

Now compare to Discharge's "Realities of War" which is probably the most iconic "D-beat" song I can think of.

Which can also be heard here in Anti-Cimex's "Victims of a Bomb Raid" in a little faster form which later became more the standard for the genre.

And which you can still totally hear the influence on in modern d-beat.


Anonymous said...

I stand somewhat corrected. Disfear just sounds like a band who listened to waaay too much Motorhead to me though.

Jack said...

AHA! Learning from each other, glorious victory for the internet!

Oh Disfear what an enigma. Are the the worst produced death & roll band of all time or the best produced d-beaters in history? Stay tuned to find out!

PS: Nothing wrong with sounding like way too much Motörhead hombre.

Jack said...

Also, we're all friends here, ditch the anonymous thang my friend.

Joey Lummox said...

Nothin' wrong with that at all. I agree. Anyway this blog is great. I was a little drunk when I commented on the Buzzcocks video. No disrespect though.

Jack said...

Yeah buddy! Join the club of the named! Hahah, no disrespect taken. I actually thought you were one of my buds fuckin' with me.

Glad to have a reason to post anti-cimex songs.