Friday, August 14, 2009

Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn & Apocalypse Inside

I don't really watch much TV but occasionally sitting around in a bar or on one of those annoying ass fancy motherfucking moving signboards you'll catch a commercial. The most recent one of these I've seen is for this movie where people die a lot really randomly. I think it's called final destination or like final exit or something. In the ad there's 2 dudes walking across the street like all next to each other and shit and all of a sudden one of the dudes just gets plowed by a fucking bus. It's pretty sweet.

Well this album is basically the fucking bus from that ad. Hail all unholy satan this shit is awesome. Seriously, out of left fucking field comes this megaton of thrash from a band that hasn't released shit since like 1992. Coming out of the "friendliest country in the world" with a distinctly unfriendly brand of thrash, Sacrifice is one of those bands that has pretty much stayed under my radar up until a few days ago. Should have paid attention in metal school or some shit. Whatever, now that I know, I can't fucking stop listening to it. I'm not gonna go so far as to say it's better than their first two albums but there's a damn good chance it is. So, for reference I'm throwing in their 1992 classic "Apocalypse Inside" for you to compare and contrast with. Now, know before hand that you're comparing rad with sweet so you know. Enjoy and shit.

In terms of sound I'd put this squarely in the middle of "classic" thrash in terms of the riffs, the vocals, and the drumming. That being said, out of the group of classic thrashers, Sacrifice definitely has one of the more solid grasps on the effective use of the breakdown, the tempo change, and one of the tightest executions out of any band. There's definitely a minimum of slop in both of these albums but smartly they stay away from the line of staying annoyingly precise or scientifically heavy. Fuck that, it's fucking metal and it sounds as such. Shred it.

Thrash is fucking back. And the invasion is from the north motherfuckers.


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