Friday, August 14, 2009

Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come

After posting basically constantly on Endless Blockades for almost 2 months, one of the constants that I see showing up on metal vests/jackets all the time is the Sabbat patch. Usually adorning the garb of the Euro-hesher, Sabbat was the UK's answer to the fact that America (fuck yeah or some shit) had totally taken over the hesh with thrash after the NWOBHM. Not allowing that to stand, Sabbat wrote some gnarly fucking classic thrash with killer riffs about creepy anti witch-burning rants and songs about the occult rituals of the satan worshipping night cults or some shit (in a very not black metal way, more of like an English watched Witchfinder General one too many times kinda way). Either way, there's a good fucking reason that Sabbat is still a favorite of the old school thrashers. Sadly, because of internal fighting they basically imploded after their 2nd album and went to hell in a fucking handbasket.

Here's their first album. It will slay you. Think like, German thrash played mid 80's style with a shit ton of slayer influence thrown in there. Sweet.


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