Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few Minutes With Samantha Marble: Photographer


In this line of (not really) work you get to meet a lot of kick ass people. Mostly just by being at the same fucking shows all the goddamn time. In the tiny world of Brooklyn metal and punk there are only so many people, even fewer people who are taking pictures, and way, way fewer girls. So when you meet a girl, who comes to pretty much every show, is taking pictures, and more than that is charging the fucking front row it tends to grab your attention. This was how I met Samantha Marble. Sam was kind enough to spare a few minutes of her time to shoot the shit about her photos, music, and whatever other inane crap came to mind. You can find a bunch more of her work on her website.

No Gods, No Vegetables: So, let's start with the boring shit. How long you been shooting?

Samatha Marble: I've been shooting since I was 16. That's 14 years

NGNV: Aha cool. And what made you want to start taking photos?

SM: Well, actually I started taking photos at 14 of local bands and skateboarders in Philly when I had a zine. I didn't really get into it until I was 16 because my photo teacher thought I was good. He let me take his camera to go shoot Snapcase and that was the first real thing I shot.

NGNV: Ha, no way, fucking snapcase? Tell me you brought the camera back in one fucking piece.

SM: Hahaha, yes.

NGNV: Lucky man, woulda sucked to fail photo cause of fucking Snapcase... So why metal? Do you have no sense of smell or something? I don't really have one. It comes in handy a lot. Especially when living with myself.

SM: Sometimes I wish I didn't. The Magrudergrind show smelled like a gigantic fart by the end of it. The whole metal thing came to me kind of by accident. I went to go see Rorschach at the Charleston and was going to shoot a project w someone else after the show. I took a couple of photos at the show. I sent them to the metal editor at Brooklyn Vegan because I wasn't sure if they covered it and it was such an important show to me personally. Anyway, they wrote back and asked me if I wanted to do this more often. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to shoot the bands that inspire my life.

NGNV: Ha, damn man. Right in to your lap. You know, 'cept for the you sending shit part... When you say inspire your life, should that concern us considering that you listen to bands that scream about death and gore and disembowelment and shit?

SM: Ha, no. If anything just know I'm a serious fucking person. I was never the girl in the back of the room holding a boyfriend's coat. If anything, it's been the other way around. But metal isn't the only thing I listen to.

NGNV: Badass. That's refreshing to hear. So, if not just metal than what? Neil fucking Diamond? Tell me it's Neil Diamond.

SM: Hahaha, I can't say that it is but I do have a block print of him hanging on my refrigerator. I listen to a lot of 60's garage, soul, hiphop and 60's and 70's classic rock....I seriously though could go on and on....

NGNV: Shit, I just got showed up man! Can I have your fridge picture?

SM: These days it's been a lot of Eyehategod, Earthless, Wetnurse, Gospel and Ink & Dagger is a constant.

NGNV: Sounds like a pretty solid lineup and roughly inline with the Sacred Doctrine of NGNV listening...

SM: Excellent. I was nervous.

NGNV: You should still be. If you could beat the shit out of any one band, who would it be?

SM: I love this question. The Acacia Strain hands down. It's bands like that that made me wanna stop going to hardcore shows.
I hate meatheads

NGNV: Christ, that's an awful band name. Did they seriously agree to that moniker? Fucking BOCES.

SM: They're terrible

NGNV: Bummer. So who's the best in the biz then? Band, photographer, axe murderer? Whatever?

SM: Whoa, this is hard. Gimme a minute.

NGNV: Pause... I mean yeah, go ahead, take a minute

SM: There are so many bands that I'm stoked on right now that it's hard to say. I can say one thing though Psychic Limb is gonna come up like wildfire this year. That will be my favorite band in the biz very soon. As far as photographers go Justina V and Paul Birman take great live shots. I really dig them.

NGNV: Yeah the Limb is pretty fucking legit. Shamus tears it up in Ramps too.

SM: Shamus is the man. Brian Montuori is like my twin brother that I never had.

NGNV: Back in a minute. I need a fucking coffee break.

SM: right on. I'll be here. Actually, I'll go do the same!

***This is the part where I went and got coffee***

NGNV: OK coffee break's over. So what's lamer? Wizards worshipping doom metal or Brooklyn black metal?

SM: Wizard worshiping doom metal.

NGNV: Damn, so much for my new band... So then what's your favorite black metal band out of Brooklyn then?

SM: I have noooo idea. Liturgy I guess... They're the only one that I know out of here.

NGNV: My friend said that he'd rather fuck a toaster than see Liturgy a 2nd time. How do you feel about that?

SM: To be completely honest I'm talking out of my ass because I've never heard them. I might feel the same as your friend.

NGNV: Ha, fucking busted on air!

SM: *laughter*

NGNV: what's your favorite meat restaurant in NYC?

SM: Lil Frankies! I had a pizza sandwich with proccutio on it on Friday. If you would have reached even close to my plate I would have bit your hand off.

NGNV: Fuck yeah. I've been there before. Don't fuck with a pun'x pizza.

NGNV: And watering hole?

SM: Favorite watering hole would be The Woods in Brooklyn.

NGNV: The new joint?

SM: Yeah

NGNV: Why's that?

SM: Or Arrows bar actually in the city. I just went there for happy hour on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Rich Hall DJ'ed and killed it as usual. Saturday nights at the woods they do a metal set and my friends and I act like assholes on the dance floor.
Like we clear people out.

NGNV: Sounds pretty fucking epic, call me next time damnit!

SM: When I say Saturdays it happens like once a month. I'm pretty much a hermit.

NGNV: Who'd win in a fight, Samuel L Jackson or Nicholas Cage circa that fucked up vampire movie?

SM: Samuel L Jackson hands down. He would make Nicholas his bitch. I'm really tired of that dude.

NGNV: Dude, ease the fuck back. What about that one part in that vampire movie where he just starts yelling the alphabet for no real reason at that chick? That shit was zany!

SM: Sorry too much coffee today. I don't know what movie you speak of.

NGNV: Ha, yeah... never mind, I'm in the same boat apparently... Well, i ran out of shit to say after the 2nd question. You ask me something now.

SM: Ok, what new projects have you been working on lately?

NGNV: Jack fucking squat mostly. I spend a shit ton of time making coffee, sitting in a frozen ocean, farting, or drinking beers watching gerry lopez movies from the 70's mostly.

SM: Not true, your band is playing tomorrow night, right?

NGNV: Oh yeah, we're doing that, that ain't new though. That's just fucking rad. Rats in the Walls is playing the Charleston tonight at 9 with Concussions and some other people.

SM: What do you think about Steely Dan?

NGNV: I'd fucking stab them if I had the chance. Fuck that shit.

SM: Good answer!

NGNV: And the Doobie Brothers and Journey and all of that limp dick AOR crap. It's not cool now. It never was. It never will be. Eat a dick yacht rockers

SM: Thank fucking god.

NGNV: and on that note Final words?

SM Ok so Jay Leno, Oprah and David Letterman. You had to fuck one, kill one and marry one....go

NGNV: I'd fuck Letterman just to watch him squirt jizz out of the gap in his teeth, I'd kill Leno just because fuck it, why not. I'd marry Oprah cause fuck yeah, I wanna hit that shit all the time for the rest of my life. Also, she could probably front the cash for more records

SM: Hahahaa! Excellent Smithers!

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