Thursday, February 4, 2010

Isn't it funny...?

Dear friends,
It's been a pretty nutty couple of months for me here and I've been an extremely neglectful person. For that, I fully and deeply apologize. I was out of town on and off for pretty much the entire month of January for business and surfing/snowboarding and for that I'm not apologetic. Sometimes you just gotta peace on it.

Anyways, I haven't really been listening to much new music or going to a lot of shows. I've kinda taken some time away from it all since the break up of my band Haunted Castle. It was a damn good year and a damn fine run with some great dudes. It ended because our drummer took off for Japan to be with his special lady full time after doing the distance thing for some time and we all wish him the best. There's no way in hell we could replace him and keep the same vibe going so we thought it better to call it quits.

Somehow, I let that break from playing turn into a break from writing for a little bit and that's kinda lame. But, due to the kind and ever watchful eye of John Prolly I've been writing metal reviews for the Mishka Bloglin. Honestly, I'm really liking it (although I'm occasionally a little slow with my reviews... common theme eh?) because it takes me out of my natural element and gives me assignments. It basically forces me to listen to shit I normally wouldn't. Unfortunately, this usually means fucking garbage (see the reviews from last week...) but it's still cool shit. Mishka, for all those not in the know, makes clothing for the cool kids. Some great shit, a lot of other shit that isn't really my style, but more than that, the dudes have possibly the widest range of interests out of any company I've dealt with.

No, I'm not being paid shit to say any of this. Yes, I'm writing this voluntarily. No, I don't get paid for writing for them (I get a discount on clothes and shit which I am yet to use and probably won't see much use any way). Yes, I respect their hustle. A ton of my respect comes from Mishka's involvement with the dudes from Chronic Youth who consistently throw down great fucking shows and bar nights all over Brooklyn. Keep it up fellas, we dig it.

Long and short of shit is, I've been stupid fucking busy lately and honestly haven't felt like listening to anything but Weedeater, the Clash, Tragedy, and Church of Misery lately. Thus, I've had shit to write about. Excuses aside, it's time to get back on my shit. I recently started a doom band with Chris from Nomos and Jacques from Arches and shit has me stoked on life. It's an awesome feeling to be amped for practice every week again and it has me wanting to get back into it all again.

NOW MY PLEA TO YOU: Motivate me. Write some comments, send me some emails, let me know what you want to see reviewed, who you want to see interviewed, what shows you want footage of. Send me concert info, recs for new music, movies, beers, restaurants, places to chill, bars, concert venues, skaters, surfers, artists, homeless dudes with killer signs, WHATEVER THE FUCK IS ON YOUR MIND. I WANNA KNOW ABOUT SHIT. Hell, send me your fucking album, I'll prolly rip that shit a new asshole but at least some dickhead will be writing about it.

I promise to try to get back on the fucking game of actually posting shit, going to shows, taking more pics, doing more interviews, etc. Well, at least I'll make some sorta effort...

Anyways, happy new year y'all. Hope this one has been off to a decent start and only gets better.


Tom La Marche said...


Jack said...

Tom La Fuckin Marche. I'm cool now motherfuckers. Yo, gimme some crust shit I ain't heard yet. I'm in need.

Johnny Beggs! said...

less whining, more metal.

Isaak M said...

This blog, and endlessblockades is rad! And thank you for making me aware of Shrinebuilder, I've gotten really out of loop music-wise over the last few years. So thanks.

I got an idea: find out what happened with Scott Reagers(sp?) of Saint Vitus. I've not ever seen anything about that.

Blake Sinclair said...

I posted up my top 9 of 2009 on my blog. Check it.

Jillybombs said...

I'm really, really, really glad to see you back.