Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua E.P. + The American Way

During my break from NGNV I did something I've never done before, hope to do many times in the future, and recommend that everyone do at some point in their lives. A few weeks ago a crew of 7 and I headed down to the pacific coast of Nicaragua to surf for a week. We stayed in a town called San Juan del Sur and surfed/hung all over the SDJS area. I've never been to Central America or even a Spanish speaking country before in my entire life so it was a welcome change to get the fuck outta Dodge and into the good shit. For those of you who don't know, Nica is one of the poorest countries in Central America and has been involved in a slow burning civil war for a while now (don't know dates, bust out wikipedia if you're that concerned) so it tends to be a little off the beaten path for most travelers. We landed in Managua and got the fuck outta there as fast as we could in order to spend the rest of the week in one of the chillest, most gorgeous, gnarliest places I've ever set foot. Long story short, the waves were solid but small, we didn't get shot up by bandidos, it's mad poor down there, San Juan del Sur is full of gringos and tourists, and Nica has some of the most awesome country I've ever seen.

Now you're probably saying to yourself, "Nice story dipshit, get to the fucking part where I give a shit." My answer, "Fuck you, I'll do as I damn well please and if you don't like it you can choke." Moving right along, before I went on the trip, a friend of mine sent me an EP that is now in my official "crucial" file. Thanks to surfing, Sacred Reich is now a staple of my shred jams diet and should be for you.

Not getting in to too much detail, Sacred Reich was definitely one of the underrated gems of the 80's thrash movement. Fast as shit, kinda sloppy at times, political, aggro shit. "Surf Nicaragua" was released a little after their 1st album and "The American Way" is considered by many to be their finest hour. I can definitely say that fucking neo-thrasher owe these sick fucks a great debt. Now if only they could keep it real like SR did.

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua E.P.
Sacred Reich - The American Way


shishi said...

I remember when that shit came out and saw them live back them. SR is one of the greatest bands.

Keep up the good work Crank.

Daniel said...

I saw these guys on this tour...think I was in 7th or 8th grade...they killed it. haven't heard this in forever. Thanks.