Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes Things Get Out Of Hand

As a huge fan of vinyl, doom, and well made shit, my tolerance for paying a lot of money for an album is fairly high. I encourage people to not only support bands by buying their records (well, you know when you're not stealing them from here) but also to buy the best quality vinyl they can get their hands on. 120g audiophile vinyl is the best way I've found to listen to shit. It sounds fucking awesome.

That being said, Floor is releasing a box set of all their shit. For $250...

Anyone else feel like this might be a little overkill? Would you buy this for $250?

Floor - Below and Beyond Box Set

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snakesalivemusic said...

I feel your pain, i only contain the one album with the shitty girl face close up (s/t) and want to explore more floor. Sadly, i don't have 200+ dollars to spend on this.

I have also heard that floor is playing some shows to support this boxset and that they aren't playing in my neck of the woods, but that may have just been a rumor.