Monday, December 15, 2008

Nomos - Demo Tape and interview

So there's a new band in NYC that doesn't suck at all. This band is called Nomos. In fact they don't suck to the point where I might even call them good. You know, for some fucking rookies. This being said, I haven't seen them live and had the chance to heckle and throw shit at them yet so I'm still not sold. Anyways, I had a chance to talk to their drummer Chris Bowman about their first release. Here's what he said.

Jack: Yo

Chris: Hey dude

J: I'm gonna post that nomos shit up on no gods that cool?

C: That would be cool, yeah

J: Nice, wanna answer a few questions about it?


J: Word, why the fuck are you called the nomos? Is that like no homo or no more or something?

C: Nomos is greek for law- we basically thought that it sounded cool. yeah, not the no homo thing

J: Ha, nice that's cooler. Who's in the band?

C: It's me, Garrett McGrath on vox/bass and Michael Gorup on guitar

J: How do you guys know each other?

C: Garrett and I know each other through NYU, theres not alot of kids who listen to hardcore punk stuff so I think I met him at a show. And Garrett and mike are friends from high school

J: Nice, you all in NYC now?

C: Yep

J: So if you're all in school, how come all you listen to is 90's crust and 80's hardcore. You can't fuck to it and it's hard as shit to write if you're headbanging

C: Haha, um lemme see... Well its fast and has energy and makes people move
fuck boring music

J: Excellent response. What's your favorite flavor of punk rock?

C: Anything that sounds like early black flag and a couple later songs

J: What's your favorite flavor of meat?

C: Bloody

J: What's your favorite flavor of beer?

C: Steel Reserve

J: What's your favorite flavor of god?

C: N/A

J: Correct. Any last words?

C: Mosh

J: Fair nuff.

So there it is folks. That's Nomos in about 3 minutes on instant messager. Download it, listen to it, gimme your feedback. For reference, it doesn't sound shit like early Black Flag but it's still alright by me.

Click Pic for DL

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