Friday, December 5, 2008

World Burns To Death - Totalitarian Sodomy

Well, seeing how works slow on a Friday afternoon right now I'm gonna keep putting stuff up.

For the last 2 weeks I've been on a huge World Burns to Death Bender. Since I started playing D-beat with a few guys a couple of guys it's all I can listen to. I just grabbed a bunch of their shit on vinyl and the "Cease to Exist" DVD. The DVD is fricking mindblowing. Stark black and white with inside cover art done by Sakevi of GISM. DO NOT WATCH THIS DISK RIGHT BEFORE GOING TO BED! It's got some fucked up shit going on and will make your dreams way gnarly. Here's a little taste:

Boiling Blood

Frenzied Hacking of Swords

Anyways, out of all their albums I find myself headed towards "Totalitarian Sodomy" the most often so I guess I throw that one up. Sucking of the Missile Cock is heavy as fuck as well but I think this album just has some better riffs. It occasionally gets a little too bro-down for me (All the Young Turks, Pigs Get Fat...) but the rest of the album slaughters. Try "Boiling Blood," "Sarajevo Snapshot," or "Frenzied Hacking of Swords" for guaranteed d-beat masscre.

Click pic for DL.


George said...

hi there,i'm 2 years late but WORLD BURNS TO DEATH rips anyway! thnx for the album. well,what about a rip of the "cease to exist" DVD? i can't found it anywhere.

Jack said...

Dunno how to rip a DVD man but I've got it at home.