Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Accüsed - The Return of Martha Splatterhead

The Accüsed - The Return of Martha Splatterhead
OK so I promised yesterday that I'd get you all some more info on this album. The Accüsed (yes you need the umlaut you dicks) were a crossover band from Seattle in the 80's/90's who played some blazingly fast, super gnarly high speed thrashy hardcore. Pretty much all of their songs are about dead things, murder, sex, drugs, alienation, or having sex for money. Yeah so they were like 16 or something when they started... Yet even at as these impressionable youths were shredding the shit harder than anyone else around.

"The Return of Martha Splatterhead" is their first full length (the original "Martha Splatterhead" being an EP) and basically showcases their hardcore-gone-thrash approach. Hell you can even hear some total Discharge ripoff shit in there on "Buried Alive." Scope out "Wrong Side of the Grave" too for the best line to say when you show up to work hungover as fuck and not wanting to talk to anyone.

Put this shit on and go skate or something.

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