Friday, December 12, 2008

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty

Although I'd like to say that in every cloud there is a silver lining, in reality that's just a load of bullshit. Like genocide, not a whole lot of silver lining in that shit. Fortunately, the decade of beards, corduroy blazers, and Tony Orlando and Dawn did have a silver lining. A few actually (Johnny Thunders, affordable New York, Punk rock, etc.). Today's silver lining is some straight up ass kicking old school NWOBHM/Doom classic shit. Witchfinder General was a metal band more famous in their time for their album covers (dude, boobs, seriously.) than their tunes, but still managed to produce some badass rock and roll. Pretty much straight up Black Sabbath style classic doom rockers about witches and beer and possibly the best non-sequitur in metal history on "free country".

The groove on this album runs deep as fuck and wider than your uncles size 7 poop shoot and the guitars kill it by just keeping it fucking simple. Although allmusic seems to think that these dudes draw way less from punk than other NWOBHM bands I'm gonna say otherwise. There's definitely a solid punk rock vibe on cuts like "Free Country" and "No Stayer." Well, punk in that way that Motorhead is kinda punk but even still.

Whatever, throw it on and enjoy the boobs.

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Luke said...

Link is bad again. You are very bad at the internet.

Anonymous said...

You link is fucked up jackass. Here I was thinking I'd get a new sweet album for tomorrow.

Blake Sinclair said...


If your name is Lucas (or any variation thereof), you're a n00b.

epic boobage.

Jack said...

Fuck you nazis, I fixed it damnit. Sonovabitch, the internet is fucking difficult.